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  1. Hi Chris B. Attached are the files requested. The name of each file explains the actions I followed for each one. 1st: Structure correctly exported (EPS) from the specific software. Correct structure. 2nd: Exported as EPS, opened in AI and pasted in AD with command+V. Issues on size and stroke. 3rd: Exported file opened directly in AD. Mostly OK except the OH that look a bit funny. 4th: Copied the structure with command+C and pasted with command+V in AD. Thanks. A. Structure correct exported.eps AD file opened in AI and pasted in AD.afdesign Exported file opened directly in AD.afdesign Structure pasted direcly in AD.afdesign
  2. Hi, I don't know if this is the same situation, but I am reporting it here. Left part of the image is printed directly from AD. Right part of the image is exported to PDF, then printed from preview. You can see on printed PDF from the preview (right part of the image) that there is a rectangular distortion, absent from the left part. On the red peak is has been applied an outer glow effect. What is interesting is that on the screen of the preview, the image looks right. Its on the printing that its getting wrong. Best, A.
  3. Hi again, Just noticed something that i am not aware if already noticed. Apologies if posting again. The first image (above) is a vector copied from a software designing chemical structures. The second image (below) is the how is getting pasted in Affinity Designer. I should add that when exporting the structure as SVG using Illustrator, AD opens it normally without errors. Just in case this helps. However, when copying the structure from Illustrator with command+C, the structure is not getting pasted correctly in AD. Many thanks. A.
  4. Hi Chris B, I am opening a file in AD (or working on a project), hit command+P and enter, and there is a ~30-50% chance it will hang. Then, I reopen AD do the same and then it prints, not always though, but with a small chance of hanging. Best, A.
  5. Hi Chris B. Sorry for the late response. I should point out that the issue I have is on Affinity Designer. The hang spin ball is not happening always. The only thing I am doing is command+P and hit enter. I have not locate yet what I am doing to crush. I am not loading any photo, not sure I understand what you mean by that. The printer is an HP M551 with latest drivers and firmware. let me know if you want me to try something. A.
  6. Hi Callum, Here is the file. It is occurring constantly to everything I do and involves text. Regards, A. Test.afdesign
  7. Hi there, I would like to ask if anyone else has the same behaviour as me when typing text in the 1.6.1 of AD. Assume that I create a body text style with a specific kerning and tracking number (negative values). I type the text, all good (upper text paragraph in the image). However, when I revisit the paragraph and add something (Affinity Designer), the kerning and tracking in this latest addition is lost (upper text paragraph in the image). I need to select all the text and select the paragraph style again to correct it (lower text paragraph in the image). You see the problem for the guide lines I have inserted. Best regards, A.
  8. Glad to help. A.
  9. I got it. I least for my case, it looks like there is bug. I could not understand why with the text it prints fine, but with text+figures the result on the text was blurry. So, I started removing one by one the figures to narrow down the issue. I found out that the problem was an opacity type. All opacities I used were normal and average. Except one, that I had used the DARKEN opacity. When I changed this opacity to normal... voila... All systems go.
  10. Yeah, I did the calibration as the document in the link suggests and all the taking out & put the cartridges back in. Calibration was OK. Am I the only with this issue? What troubles me is that the pdf printed from Illustrator was OK. However, I don't know, if exporting as PDF, removes some things that potentially would make Illustrator print go bad. On the other had, never had issues with the latter not matter what I print. Text stays always crisp. I will check for any firmware updates.
  11. Hi, I exported a file created from AD as a PDF, opened it in Illustrator and printed on the HP M551. It looks fine. This is the complete file with text and figures, that in similar situations AD print font is not right. Kind regards, A.
  12. No worries. I can understand the process. Printed both on the HP M551. Left image exported as PDF and then print. Right image exported as PNG-24 and then print. Have the impression that it looks a bit better on the PNG, but not as expected. A.
  13. Hi, Sample file is the same as above that contains text and figures. in the first image, both left and right are from the HP M551. The left image is printed from the "open in Preview", while the right one is a normal print from AD. Second image is from the Canon 8500C printed from the "open in Preview" as above. Thanks. A.
  14. OK. Image1 is from AD printed on the HP M551. Text is ok, except this minuscule shift of the lower part of font to the left. It can be seen in the large font size of word HELLO. Image 2 is from Word on the same HP M551 printer. A bit out of focus but the text is normal. Interestingly, when I am printing to HP M551 from Illustrator (without changing anything to the printer) the printing quality is as expected (not shown). Image3, left part is from the HP M551, while right part from a Canon 8500C. On the Canon, even with Figures text appears to be normal. Colours on figures are different, but might be a settings issue, I don't know. What parameters do you I should check on the HP M551 printer. Even paper type I choose to print, the result is always the same. I will see if there is anything to update as well. Thanks for your help, A.
  15. Hi first defence, Here is an edited AD version of the affected file. Just messed up the figures and changed font. In addition, I added a photo showing that the problem appears on this file too; left with figures, right just the text. Many thanks, A.