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  1. Hi folks, 3 years ago I started using Affinity Photo because I think Adobe's license model is just plain nasty and outrageous, especially if you only really need a few of the programs. Since then I am very happy with Davinci resolve and the Affinity suit, and miss only a few features of the Adobe CC programs, besides the fast and very intuitive motiongraphics in Aftereffects I only miss the Ligthroom presets, in the beginning it didn't really bother me, but the more I specialize in photography and the more my colleagues throw Ligthroom presets around permanently, the more I miss using an intuitive batch editor that can read the LR XMPs, achieve similar results quickly, and generally integrate a few Quality of life things adobe users may just gotten used to. if I'm fundamentally in the wrong place, let me know, but I'd love a Serif alternative for the few features that still justify ligthroom.
  2. Vectorization and autotracing software for Win + Macs: Where * = "the more the better" Super Vectorizer 2 (commercial, Mac) ** TracedLines (commercial, Mac) Intaglio Vectorize (free to use, Mac) DragPotrace (Mac) + Potrace (free, Win + Mac) * Potrace (free, Win + Mac) * AutoTrace (free, Win+Mac) * Inkscape (free, Win + Mac) ** Illustrator (commercial, Win + Mac) CorelDraw (commercial, Win + Mac) MS Expression Design 4 (Win, nowadays free) OpenToonz (free, Win + Mac) Image Vectorizer (commercial, Mac) Trace (free, Win+Mac) Vector Magic (commercial, Win + Mac) *** vtracer (free, Win + Mac) * Vectorize! / Legoist (commercial, Mac) VectorStyler (commercial, Win + Mac) ...etc... Online tracing tools: autotracer vectorizer vectorizer.ai ** vectorization Vectorize Raster Images Online (online Photopea, free) VTracer * Online SVG Converter (by Potrace) Svgco Svgstorm SVGConverter ...etc... Online centerline supporting tracing tools: Rapid resizer fConvert Online Vectorizer ...etc... iPad tracing tools: Adobe Capture Vector Q Vectornator Vectorize! ...etc... Some forum threads about tool based bitmap tracing/vectorization: Image Tracing in Affinity Designer? Image Trace to Vector Path Converting Pixel drawing to Vector? Auto Trace In AFFINITY DESIGNER Best Image Vectorizer for Mac with Affinity Designer Good vector tracer or vectorizer ... and so on ... See also: Awesome PNG to SVG (GitHub) Comparison of raster-to-vector conversion software (Wikipedia) ...etc...
  3. Note: there are a bunch of calendar generation tools available, either on the net as online tools, or as specific apps, or as plugins for word processors and other common apps, or as common system CLI tools etc. All of these can be mostly used to generate all sort of calendars for a (re)usage in the Affinity Suite. - Thus I list here just a few of these calendar tools, so mostly some online and CLI tools, which don't need any account requirements, or to be extra bought. Online calendar tools ( should be usable without account requirements ) Advanced calendar creator (can generate various sorts of calendars) Basic calendar creator SVG Calendar Generator (by Mensch Mesch) Create a calendar for any year Calendar Generator Design a custom calendar Make Word calendar online (can generate various sorts of calendars) PDF Calendar Fantasy Calendar Generator Personal life calendar generator ...etc... OS CLI tools: cal (macOS) ncal (macOS) Gnu gcal (macOS + Win, very powerful) Gnu gcal manual ...etc... Python Scripting: calendar module calendar module tut workalendar module ...etc... (to be continued over time)
  4. Hello. I need some advice before I pick one of the listed programs. I have been using Affinity Photo since 2016. It is an excellent program for developing photos, but it does have some limitations. Sometimes I need to manipulate my photos in ways that cannot be done by AP without creating a softening effect, or other distortions. I read that vector images don't have this problem so I recently purchased Affinity Designer in the hopes it will do certain work that cannot be done with AP. However, I discovered that some of the vector related tools in AD simply don't work on rasterized images. What I need is to convert an AP Document into a true vector so that the vector tools in Affinity Designer will work on it without creating the softening or distortions I encountered with AP. One tool I needed in AD is the Fisheye Warp, but it won't work unless the image is a true vector. So before I pick one of the programs in your list, which one of these is good for converting a raster image, such as an Affinity Photo Document, TIFF, or PNG, to a true vector so that I can then work on it with Designer? I am currently using a MacBook Pro running Ventura.
  5. If you've purchased add-ons from the Affinity Store, please read the following guide on how to install them into your Affinity V2 app(s): https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/store/resources-install-guide/
  6. Bonjour, In Exif data, I find nothing that says exactly my lens was being use: -- on Canon 760D / Rebel T6s -- lens Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM [A] So, how can a Lens Correction be done in Affinity Photo? And how can I force a Lens Correction based on the Lenses database? Thanks
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