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  1. G8. So, if I get it right, the crop factor used to measure the distortions of Sigma Art 18-35mm being 1.5 means sensor used is bigger than Canon 760D/T6s 1.6 crop factor sensor --Canon APS-C sensor is included in the sensor used to do the measurements-- and so the distortions measurements are valid. Thanks v_kyr. I think I would make a profile for Canon 760D/T6s + Sigma Art 18-35mm someday.
  2. Hello, I do "File/Open..." to open the CR2 raw. To v_kyr: I missed the info. displayed on screen with the Lens Correction data. Thanks! So, decided to do an image comparison with and without the Lens Correction set in the Assistant. And, yes, Lens Correction works. Sigma Art 18-35mm is seen as 18-35, which is fine, yet the crop factor stored in LensFun data seems not correct to me (1.5 instead of 1.6). Thanks for you hints. Have a nice evening.
  3. OK. So, in APh, is there a way to find out/have displayed what Lens Correction is being applied to a RAW during the development process: at least Lens Brand (Sigma)+Name (18-35 Art) and Sensor Crop Factor (1.62) or "none"? Thanks.
  4. Bonjour, In Exif data, I find nothing that says exactly my lens was being use: -- on Canon 760D / Rebel T6s -- lens Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM [A] So, how can a Lens Correction be done in Affinity Photo? And how can I force a Lens Correction based on the Lenses database? Thanks
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