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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to switch between the orginal and the current adjustment of raw image in a faster way. I am aware of the syncing feature but there are times when it just takes a lot of steps to just view the orginal especially if you accidentaly synced the wrong adjustment. This new toggle button feature would just allow a quick way to switch from orginal. In a simple way, this is like a toggle button that disables all the effects/adjustments including the overlays.
  2. At least a split view by horizontal line would be very useful; more was already discussed.
  3. I just bought Affinity Photo for IPad. I have the latest version of IOS 11 on an IPad Pro. I can’t seem to get Affinity Photo to work in split view. The description in the App Store says that it supports drag and drop. How is this possible without split view. Split view works with most of the other programs I use.
  4. I am a new user of Affinity Photo and have taken an immediate liking to the plethora of features and your perpetual license model. However I see that a couple of key features are missing or I am unaware on how to use it? Is there a Split View mode available in the Photo Persona? This would be key as most sweeping changes to the photo is possible & made in this mode only. I understand that checking & un-checking each layer makes it possible to view the changes made by the features in that layer...but a over all comparison of what we started with and what we have changed so far would be required please. Can we also have horizontal splits and diagonal split views possible? Would it also be possible to have a navigator for folders with Thumbnails, shown as a ribbon in some part of the screen? Like bottom-left ? It would make it easier to view and select the RAW photos to be developed rather than Go to Finder and select every time or File-Open from the Menu? Appreciate help on the above two points and if they do not exist, can this be evaluated and added to future releases?
  5. It would be great if AD added a fourth "Split View on/off toggle" icon the 3 icon View set presently on the Toolbar. I LOVE split view, and love quickly panning between rendered and key line to edit precisely and see the results on the other side, but hate going to the sub-menu to toggle it on and off...
  6. This is a pretty minor issue, if I'm understanding how it's supposed to be used. I wanted to see the Before/After view of an image in the Develop Persona, so I clicked the "Mirror View" icon at the top of the window, and got what I expected... the After image on the left, the Before image on the right. But I prefer the "Before" view to be on the left, so I clicked the "Swap" button to the right. This switched the images, as expected, but the labels did not switch... the original is now labeled as "After". That looks like a bug to me. Or perhaps there's some kind of functionality there that I'm not catching. Thought I'd mention it either way. - Matthew
  7. I absolutely love the Split View mode, however I'd like to have an easier way to access this feature. Maybe there could be a button alongside the ones that let you choose view modes (outline, pixel and retina pixel preview) or a keyboard shortcut to toggle it. I use the split view almost all the time but having to turn it on from the drop down menu every time I launch Affinity is kinda annoying.
  8. Hi there, I was excited to install El Cap to enable split view with Affinity Designer, and an email with feedback from a client. Designer take up ⅔ of the screen fine, but when I select the Mail.app email, the email takes up my full display *behind* Designer, which totally obstructs the content of the email. I don’t think this is necessarily a bug with Designer, but just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if there are any work arounds. Thanks!
  9. I use the Split view mode almost all the time (basically on any project that requires more than text/a few shapes on a background) but clicking and dragging the separating line can be quite slow sometimes. I think it'd be great if there was a gesture to control the position (like a three finger swipe) without having to click first.
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