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  1. Can the Split View mode in Photo Persona be added for future release please? I reckon this feature is available in Adobe Lightroom and is quite easy to compare the visual changes each incremental modification to the picture being developed. It would be great to have this in Affinity as well!
  2. I am a new user of Affinity Photo and have taken an immediate liking to the plethora of features and your perpetual license model. However I see that a couple of key features are missing or I am unaware on how to use it? Is there a Split View mode available in the Photo Persona? This would be key as most sweeping changes to the photo is possible & made in this mode only. I understand that checking & un-checking each layer makes it possible to view the changes made by the features in that layer...but a over all comparison of what we started with and what we have changed so far would be required please. Can we also have horizontal splits and diagonal split views possible? Would it also be possible to have a navigator for folders with Thumbnails, shown as a ribbon in some part of the screen? Like bottom-left ? It would make it easier to view and select the RAW photos to be developed rather than Go to Finder and select every time or File-Open from the Menu? Appreciate help on the above two points and if they do not exist, can this be evaluated and added to future releases?
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