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Found 20 results

  1. I detected this on Publisher, but it happens across all three apps When I try to write a line width in millimeters with decimals, as soon as I write mm the decimal point (or comma in Spanish) disappears. I must manually click and rewrite the point or comma. Steps to reproduce: draw a vector line or path Go to stroke panel and enter on the width field (which by default measures in pt) Write a decimal measure in millimeters (1.25 mm for example) As you write down the m's, the unit is selected with the first m and looses the decimal point with the second m and yo
  2. Hola!!. He realizado un manual en español de Affinity Designer basado en la ayuda del programa. Espero que sea de utilidad. Saludos. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. I have made a Spanish manual of Affinity Designer based on the help of the software. I hope it helps. Greetings. Affinity_Designer_-_Manual_de_Usuario.pdf
  3. Buenos días. He realizado un nuevo manual de Affinity Photo basado en la ayuda del programa v1.6.0. Espero que os sirva de ayuda. Un saludo. Affinity_Photo_-_Manual_de_Usuario.pdf
  4. Affinity Forums Hello friends, greetings from Honduras, now will share a link to download vectors and more. link: http://es.all-free-download.com The site is ideal for use with Affinity Designer. greetings To You
  5. Hi. I have made a Spanish manual of Affinity Photo based on the help of the software. I hope it helps. Greetings. Affinity Photo Spanish Manual.pdf
  6. Hi. Since upgrading to 1.8.4 Spanish hyphenation has not been working. Despite having hyphenation panel adjusted even to force it (up to 7 consecutive hyphens, zones to 0, prefix and sufix at minimal, etc…) not a single hyphen is generated anywhere. On language section on character pane, whenever I choose Spanish as Hyphen language, hyphen stops working. As soon as I choose any other language, it works. Just now i'm having to use Latin hyphen because is the most similar to Spanish rules. Crap, I get correct hyphen even with the English US hyphen dictionary. It is clear that there is somet
  7. This is a Spanish translation error on the three apps of the suite. In Preferences > General: the "Automatically hide extension" setting string has been incorrectly translated as "ocultar selección automáticamente" (which means "automatically hide selection" ) It must be translated as "ocultar extensión automáticamente" I've been getting crazy because I could not find the hide extension setting, until I set the apps on English and realized it was incorrectly translated. Best regards and have a nice weekend.
  8. Hello, friends of Affinity Photo. I make a suggestion for your affinity book, I believe that on behalf of the entire Latin - Spanish community, we would like to have your book in its Spanish version. Since that would help us to get 100% of your program. Thanks for reading my suggestion and keep going.
  9. Hi. Is it possible to translate the menu window into Spanish?. Currently in English Float = Flotante Float All = Todas flotantes Dock = Acoplar Dock All = Acoplar todas None = Ninguna
  10. Buenas noches. Desde la última actualización no puedo abrir una imagen. Cuando abro la imagen la reduce de forma automática y no la procesa bien, en la zona del navegador se ve la imagen correcta. Es como si el lienzo fuese mayor que la imagen (cuando no lo es) Para cuando un hilo en español Google translate: Since the last update I can not open an image. When I open the image it reduces it automatically and does not process it well, in the area of the browser the correct image is seen. It is as if the canvas is larger than the image (when i
  11. Hi; Spanish translation issue: The second option in the filters menu is called 'afilar'; inside it, there's an option called 'máscara de desenfoque' that should be called the opposite: 'máscara de enfoque'. In fact, I was crazy looking for the 'enfoque' filter until I found it buried into an 'afilar' section (don't know why to call this menu that way) and mispelled as 'desenfoque'. Regards; Val
  12. Just thought I might ask you good people in the Affinity forums, if anyone here knows a font similar to ‘Apple SD Gothic Neo’ that will allow the use of Spanish accented characters, i.e. é, ó, ñ etc…? I'm working with the same text in Spanish & English and would really like to keep said font in both versions.
  13. Although I use my Mac and Affinity Designer in standard English, I often work with Spanish text. I’ve noticed that if I type a character that uses a Spanish accent, for example; é. in a font that dose not support them, Affinity Designer will automatically replace said letter with the equivalent from the ’Lucida Grande’ font. Even if other fonts might be a closer match in style to the original font. Is there any way for the user to specify which replacement font Designer reaches for in these situations?
  14. Very good for the help of many who are testing this software is in English at the moment there are several who are Latin Americans which to facilitate support forum would not be bad to open a category in Spanish
  15. Hi People. I have found a small translation error (At least in Spanish for Spain) on the document bleeding options. You have translated Bleeding as "Sangría" and it should be "Sangrado" In Spanish we use "Sangria" for the left and right paragraph spacing (i.e.: Left spacing "Sangría izquierda" or first line spacing "Sangría de primera linea") But the bleed margins are called "Sangrado" as in "Sangrado del documento" Document Bleeding Also, off-topic, "Sangría" is also a sweet fruited typical beverage from Spain and Portugal for those interested on those things: https://en.w
  16. Hi; I'm sorry for adding a post for this tiny thing; don't know if there's other way. In the spanish version, export panel, 'text as curves' is wrongly translated as 'texto en curcas', instead of 'texto en curvas'. Regards; Val
  17. Haven't seen a dedicated thread for translations, so I thought of placing it in here in the bugs section. "Develop persona" has been translated to "Desarrollo persona" and that would be correct for a programming software. When it's applied to photography, the correct term is "Revelar" (if it's a verb) or "Revelado" (name). Since the other two ("Licuar" and "Exportar") are verbs, I suppose we should go with "Revelar". Thanks!
  18. Today I downloaded the new version of beta AFF-Photo. This is spanish-localized (good job!) BUT...... not all has been translated and WORSE...... some of the UI mini-buttons have texts/literals into them that exceed its size........ very disapointing so I PROPOSE: -- either use mini-icons and the text explanation as a help bubble when mouse is on it (mouse enter) -- or use symbols (a "+" or similar) with the same text bubble as before This can be also useful in the mini-tabs of the tools in the right side (layers, effects, styles, colour, histogram, history, etc)...... bet
  19. good morning know if affinity designer will have Spanish language in the future?
  20. Hello! I wanted to know if you are in your roadmap of publication of AD When you will make the localization in Spanish. I will be one of the first buyers when you release the final version. BTW, Only will be available via MAS to purchase? I have contacted with a guy that has been translated other apps like Yazsoft, Unsanity, BatCHMod, etc... And he has offered to translate your grrrreat application!! ------------ Hola. Me gustaría saber cuándo localizaréis AD al español. Seré uno de los primeros compradores de AD en cuanto se publique. Por cierto, sólo estará dispo
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