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Found 14 results

  1. Im pretty sure this was not required previously and so is a bug. With a quick Mask displayed changing the type (red, white, black) via the drop down arrow does not have an effect until the mask is disabled then reenabled. Thx
  2. Quick mask (Q) (don't exit) New Mask Layer boom (crashes)
  3. Hi Like many on here I have tried to use Quick Mask and with the Paint Brush tool and it does not work. I have selected the WHITE color picker and alpha protect is OFF. I have one background pixel layer and it is unlocked. When I press Q it does create the RED Mask. When I use the paint brush tool it does start to put some very weak black splodges under the red but in no way does it reveal the original section of the photo i want to select. If I create a selection using one of the selection tools then create the Quick Mask it works perfectly on the selection I have made. However using the Paint Brush it simply does not work Software is Affinity Photo 1.6.7 MAC OS is High Serria 10.13.6 Your help would be appreciated
  4. I make a selection and add Quick Mask but I can't refine the selection using paint brush...white or black will add to mask rather than subtract. quick mask.pdf
  5. When I use selection by quick mask + pain brush tool, then I turn off quick mask, I can't see selection edge (dot line) ps. OS - Windows 10 64 bit Affinity Photo version :
  6. Copy bug using Marquee Tool and Quick Mask Starting with a file consisting of 2 layers (whereby the top layer is of another photo then the bottom layer), I want to select a part of the top layer using the Marquee Tool and paste it to a third layer. To achieve this, I do the following… I activate the Marquee Tool, make a selection and subsequently use the Quick Mask tool and Move Tool to refine the selection. As you can see I moved the selection and changed its size. By activating the Marquee Tool again and deselecting the Quick Mask, I have now my refined selection which I can copy and paste. Doing that results in a totally wrong copied area. In the example I have included, I have the second layer de-activated, so that you can see the selected area (marquee) and the result of copy-paste.
  7. I am currently trialing Affinity Photo, went to apply a quick mask as described in the tutorial video - but it does not work. Why? Does the trial version have limited functionality? So I open the photo, select Quick Mask from the top icon, a red mask is applied, I select the paint brush tool, set to 100% opacity and flow, click and drag on the photo - but nothing happens. The red overlay is unaffected. I have been through the tutorial several times and I believe I am following it correctly. In the tutorial, the underlying background is revealed through the red overlay under the brush, to create the mask, but this is not working for me. Am I doing something wrong like a missing step or a setting to make? Is the trial version unable to do this? For me this is key functionality i.e. to be able to paint on adjustments, for example as one can in Lightroom (which I am also trialing). If this functionality is disabled in Photo how can i successfully trial it?
  8. Encouraged by the recently posted set of new videos on the AP Vimeo channel, I decided to try some new tricks. First up was Quick Mask. I was happy with using the selection tool but this looked worth a go. It doesn't work. Toggling QM brought up the red overlay, but the painting step doe not work. Hovering the brush does not give a preview and painting does nothing. "Edit selection as a layer" is active. Found the answer: you have to select White as the paint colour. This is not specified in the video - time for an edit!!!
  9. Hi everyone, When using the flood select tool, you allways get a selection of 100% which can be what you want in some cases and in others not! I rather expected to be able to select an area and get also somehow a blurred selection rather as you do by using the "Select sampled color" comand in the select menue. But this "select sampled color" comand is hidden . And alsoits sometimes difficult to realy judge, with the "select sampled color" command , to judge, what you realy selected, because the selecion corner only shows the 50% area... So both tools can be improved together in workflow with the Quick mask toggle.. Here comes my idea as a jpg file. Tell me what you think about it.. Tom
  10. I have an issue with selection. I am choosing quick mask to select an object but it's the area around the object I want to modify (in Photoshop, I used to be able to inverse selection and the pixels outside the selection were then selected) How do I do that?
  11. It would be great if I could add feathering to the quick mask brush. Thank you!
  12. I'm trying to create a portrait with other images showing through the image (Double Exposure Effect?) I seem to be struggling with the layer mask side of things adding in multiple textures to achieve the effect. Please can anyone assist me? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks PP
  13. When i make a selection, refine the mask and than make a new layer with mask; than try retouch the mask with the brush I get what looks like corrupted data. Is this a bug or what. I have tired installing and reinstalling photo. I am using the trial, I was going to buy this program it looks great but not if this is right. I have attached a screen shot, can anyone help me out.
  14. A suggestion: It would be neat if unused tools would grey out. I think this would make it easier to navigate the interface by way of reducing choice. For example, when using Quick Mask: grey out everything that isn't a brush. Or even go a step further: after selecting Quick Mask, automatically engage the brush and make the color white. Thanks!
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