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Found 6 results

  1. This really surprise me. I've been trying Mirroring but instantly I heard all the power of my fans, was really weird cause when I'm using Blender is really silent. So, I launched the task manager and... look that! All the work is over my CPU, meanwhile my Quadro is just yawning! So I wonder, if this is a this a bug
  2. amazing how much a couple of sunlit leaves can be used to waste (LOTS) of time I'm not going to explain it all-- that's nearly book , but as always I am very open to sensible questions and honest comments the leaves were recorded with Panasonic Fz300 raw file >file edited in Lr5 and Ap> file mirrored with Affinity (Filters >distort>mirror) 'til something looked Ok > tiff files added the a base layer via "place" >takes a while for things to fall in place Bottom right hand corner pic is made from two mirrored files Cheers folks
  3. Hi, first of all I am impressed by the great Software at that Price - thanks! I tried to rotate some path points and hoped that the brilliant concept of Adobe Illustrator was implemented in your Software where you can rotate and mirror just by using modifying keys like strg, alt and shift. Also it was very easy to Position the Center of Rotation/mirroring using the alt-key. Ok your Approach is different, but it would be great if you could have a look at it. However your Approach seems to be Buggy: I can rotate the path Point by using the slider in the tranformation Panel no
  4. Hey everyone! Do you know if there is a way in Affinity Designer to mirror the rotation of handles that are not aligned by 180° to each other? I also attached an image to illustrate this (I've got H1 and H2 and want to place H1 to H1 new): (EDIT: In the image, the distance from the node to H2 and from the node to H1 new are different. It should be the same, though. Using shift + dragging the handle will snap it to the same distance, but also force it to snap back to 0°) Also, when I make changes to a node's handles (N1 in the followi
  5. This is slightly less of a feature request and more a way for me to get an idea out of my head and out there where others might be able to find it. I think it would make a great feature for Designer, and to be honest I’m quite surprised no other app has something like this yet. Yesterday I was putting together the artwork for a logo (in Illustrator CS3, so not entirely analogous to AD), and part of the design consisted of a series of leaf shapes arranged around a central point of rotation. What I had to do to achieve this was draw my original leaf shape, and then use the rotate tool and du
  6. Love to be able to copy single nodes, line segments, or a selection of nodes – including the exact geometry of any curve handles – and then paste it/them into the front node an open curve. With the option of pasting its mirror version – vertical, horizontal, or both. It is very hard to manually make a curve exactly match another one. Repeatability is crucial for precise work. Snapping control handles (when they arrive) will sure help, but copy/paste of any of a curve's (or shape's) selected bits would be supremo! You can easily copy an entire curve/shape, but not parts of one.
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