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  1. Hi @Chris B I don't like compare but with even 2 axis, Sketchbook use no more than 15% of CPU, with very little lag and only using intel graphic for render the viewport It is insane use 100% of the processor just to render a brush trace! Look this! SketchBook Mirroring.mp4
  2. @Chris B With WARP do you mean RAM? I don't found that option!
  3. Hi guys, In fact, I been using the symmetry mode for paint brush... And well, even using all the power of my core i7 (8 gen) and 32GB Ram... the experience was really disappoiting and laggy, all this at the expense of burn out practically my hardware.
  4. This really surprise me. I've been trying Mirroring but instantly I heard all the power of my fans, was really weird cause when I'm using Blender is really silent. So, I launched the task manager and... look that! All the work is over my CPU, meanwhile my Quadro is just yawning! So I wonder, if this is a this a bug
  5. I don't remember, but I'm sure time ago I created a file with multiples artworks, the problem is now I don't find this option.
  6. So, Can't I update manually from Help > About ? I remember that in previous versions there was a button to check new updates
  7. Thanks guys, I was testing Affinity this weekend, and after many layers I get and something fun results. What do you think?
  8. I know that the face was painted in prepoduction, but I wonder if I can get this so natural painted face with software? Any suggestion, will be welcome!
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