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  1. Hello, everybody, I'm new to graphic design. I've been using Affinity Designer V1 for a couple of years now only for a special project, and have more or less figured out enough of AD on my MacBook to be able to do what I am trying to do with my project. I use the vector persona exclusively. So today when I went to open the app I found that every single file I've created is blank. I can see in the Layers panel that all my content is still there but nothing is showing up on the canvas, aside from those thin blue outlines showing the selected vector curve. I seem to remember that yesterday when I was using the program my laptop battery may have run down before I could close the program properly, and I'm wondering if now the app software is corrupted. If so I guess I would have to reinstall V1 or upgrade to V2, but I thought I would check here first in case it's merely a matter of some setting. I've tried opening AD files that were not open when the computer powered down, they are the same (blank canvas). I tried opening AD files I had previously saved onto a thumb drive, and they also have nothing but invisible content in them. I tried restarting AD, no change. I tried restarting my computer, no change. I've looked at the Dark/Light mode and that seems to have nothing to do with it. I've looked closely at the Swatches and Stroke panels and verified that the Stroke width is greater than zero, and has color applied. I can make changes to the Stroke and see the changes show up in the thumbnails of the Layers panel but not on the canvas. Of course then there are the Art Boards which seem to be missing. I've tried adding an Art Board to the canvas and just like the vectors, I can see the outline and it shows up in the Layers panel but I cannot make them visible. I've tried creating a new file and it does the same. Any suggestions?
  2. So I'm finally making the switch from a windows laptop to a MacBook, and I wanna make sure that I get something that's both in my price range, and also runs affinity well. But that being said, there's a lot out there. If you use affinity on a MacBook, what have your experiences been? What year/model are your MacBooks? Are there any MacBooks I should stay away from? Affinity is by far the biggest consuming product I will use on the laptop, so that's why I'm here first. I've been told MacBook pros are the way to go, but I don't know much more than that, and my only mac experience has been an iPad pro and my 2016 imac all in one dinosaur, which barely runs affinity at this point.
  3. Hello, Affinity Photo is awfully lagging and slow on my Macbook Pro. It wasn't awfully lagging and slow before. But now since I have updated to MacOS Sonoma version 14.0, it's lagging and slower than usual. What should I do to make it faster and not lag? Also, I have attached a photo so you can see my performance settings.
  4. It's been an issue for a really long time and it still seems to of not appeared in version 2.1, when will we be able to create a document on the iPad app and when going back to the main screen it automatically save to iCloud for us to pick up on desktop? Currently it has to be saved each time you want it to upload for iCloud to realise it needs syncing. How can we do it so that its automatically saving the second we close the app? So many other apps do this automatically and the amount of times I've made something on iPad and then Gond to desktop and forgotten is really annoying, especially if I haven't got my iPad handy to save over. It's just really inefficient as it currently stands.
  5. Whenever I try to make a stroke on my iPad mini (6th Generation) using my Apple Pencil over sidecar (USB), Affinity photo has a small amount of lag before the stroke appears, which is really annoying. I included a video of it as an attachment. I tried messing with performance settings, but that didn't really do anything Screen Recording 2022-02-01 at 2.55.31 PM.mov
  6. If I bought Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for my iMac and Im going to buy macbook air can I download Affinity Photo & Designer on the new macbook without buying new codes?
  7. Hi, I just downloaded the AP version 1.7 yesterday, and the first thing i noticed was when drawing with the brush tool is there is a noticeable lag at the start. When using any of the drawing tools, there seems to be a slow start or "un-recognition" at the start of the stroke. I use a Wacom tablet and initially thought it could be the tablet's fault, but this problem also applies when using my computer's mouse, so I doubt its tablet related. This problem exists whether I'm working on existing files or on new files I use a MacBook Air 2017 model MacOS Mojave ver 10.14.5 Enclosed is a video to show the "lag". Pay close attention to the cursor Please help, it is really annoying! APBrushLag.mov
  8. Hello , what is the latest version update for Affinity on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1 I haven’t receive any updates since Catalina came along. Thank you
  9. Hello there, Lately I have been having an issue that I can't resolve. My Macbook Pro starts to overheat like crazy when I use pressure-sensitive brushes (even the simplest). It has never done it before and I can't figure out why. The only change I can think of is that I had to install adobe CC and dropbox for work but when I use Affinity they are both inactive. I mainly use Affinity for illustration and I have uploaded a short video showing 2 different performance settings that both lead to overheat in seconds (and you can also see the lag on the line). Video: Can anyone shine a light on this issue? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I purchased AffinityPhoto via Appstore. So I don't have a product-key to update or re-install my product. I am going trough the procedure with Apple for the second time now and I will document it here. Hopefully it will safe other peoples time! More to come when the process & documentation is finished.....
  11. Hallo guten Tag, ich habe mir gerade Affinity Designer gekauft und meinen Schlüsselcode auf meinem iMac eingegeben. Kann ich nun das Programm auch auf meinem MacBook verwenden, da mich die App auf dem MacBook nach den selben Schlüsselcode fragt.
  12. Hello everyone, I bought Affinity Photo on my Macbook Pro a few months ago, but I was wondering if there is a way to use the app on my iPad Pro without paying twice for it? Thanks so much!
  13. Hello, I am fairly new to Affinity Photo ( I have always used Adobe) and have a query before buying - can I download on to my Imac, MacBook and Ipad - with one licence? thanks for your help in advance, Irene
  14. Hi I am currently using Windows laptop and I am planning to switch to MacOS during November. If I buy Affinity now, Can I use the affinity there on the go or am I supposed to pay again ? Thank You
  15. Hi, I hope someone can help. I really love affinity photo and so far its been great but just recently its taking a long time to open. It can take over a minute when opening a jpeg. All the other programs on my Mac work as before, I hope someone can help me. Once its running it performs fine. Affinity Photo 1.6.7 OS is High Sierra ver 10.13.4 16MB Ram Processor i7 2.3Ghz Thanks Catherine x
  16. Hello, I use MacBookAir i7 8g 512SSD (11pol) How best adjust for economy battery???? . OpenGL ativate??? . Use only GPU Integrated??? Help
  17. Will there be some change to how to touch bar works? I love that you guys have touch bar support, really great. But some buttons on my touch bar are mirroring the ones in the tool bar on screen. Source: Apple.com - Human Interface Guidelines And I kinda agree with that. But then again, I don't have any idea of how to do it differently. Anyone here some ideas on how to improve the touch bar?
  18. Hi guys First photo shoot in a few days for my new company. Id like to tether my 750D to my MacBook pro. In short, what will i need to do this? Ive read a long USB cable? Will it be a USB to USB or another type of cable? Also how do i tether in affinity? Is it possible. Keep it simple, thanks guys Steve
  19. Hi. I am upgrading my 2012 Macbook Air to a 2017 Macbook pro 13 inch. Affinity is really the only heavy load program that I use. The question is, for Affinity, is it worth going to the I7 processor at 3.5 GHz or is it enough to stay at the 3.1 GHz I5. Will Affinity benefit enough of the hyper threading and additional speed, or is the additional $200 USD not really worth it. Thanks, Gunnar
  20. New to Affinity. Using a 2016 MackBook Pro. Challenged by how to use Marquee selection tools. Working on a photo editing project of a bronze plaque tarnished by lichens, some of the letters all but illegible. I want to duplicate letters which are still clear and replace those that are tarnished. Some letters I will use more than one time; others only one time. Original photo was a jpeg. I opened it and saved it as an Affinity photo to be sure I did not destroy the original. Sometimes when I click on the Marquee icon in the tool bar I get nothing; all choices are greyed out. Sometime I can select the letter I want, but it does not appear on a separate layer. Other times my selection is surrounded by blue stars. Do not understand what is happening. I really want to master this cut-and-paste/cut-and-duplicate technique since I used it frequently in PS Elements. Though I have watched many, many video tutorials, the process is still unclear to me. Has anyone created a Users Manual?
  21. Hi All A minor question, does anybody know how I can make Affinity default to using Path Finder instead of Finder when locating / opening files on a MacBook ? Cannot see either in Mac preferences , Path Finder preferences or Affinity preferences were I can do this. Dave
  22. Hey guys! I'm new around here and I really wanna try Affinity out. But I'm not sure if it will perform well on my 12" MacBook, has anyone tried it out? The specs: 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor (Turbo Boost to 2.6Ghz) | 8GB Ram | Intel HD Graphics 5300 | IPS Retina Display | 512GB SSD Thanks!
  23. Thanks Guys for this alternative, especially on older mac like mini or macbook from 2009, it has outstanding BRUSH performance with nvidia 9400m after I checked "Use only integrated GPU". I would like to press my second button on Pen and zoom in, and i would like to press the first button to configure the active tool in a floating menu, and supporting pressure would be nice with my pen tip. Just one question, why can't You guys offer a compatible version for the best OS X ever the 10.6, You do not need to support in detail it but just let some of us the opportunity to run Your software with older hardware and OSX. Thanks
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