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  1. Wow! It worked. I unticked the box and used the Open GL option and the pen motions went back to being very fluid again! I also wanted to point out that when I lowered the colour format of the file, it also got rid of some of the pen lag (I was previously using RGB/32 HDR), so I guess reducing the load of the document makes it less laggy (although this wasn't a problem in the last version) Can I ask what exactly the reason behind the metal compute box and the Open GL things are and why they did what they did? In any case, that you very much!
  2. Hi, I just downloaded the AP version 1.7 yesterday, and the first thing i noticed was when drawing with the brush tool is there is a noticeable lag at the start. When using any of the drawing tools, there seems to be a slow start or "un-recognition" at the start of the stroke. I use a Wacom tablet and initially thought it could be the tablet's fault, but this problem also applies when using my computer's mouse, so I doubt its tablet related. This problem exists whether I'm working on existing files or on new files I use a MacBook Air 2017 model MacOS Mojave ver 10.14.5 Enclosed is a video to show the "lag". Pay close attention to the cursor Please help, it is really annoying! APBrushLag.mov
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