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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, First of all, sorry if this has been asked before. I did search the forums before creating a topic, but could not find anything. I've tried using Affinity Photo to make panoramas out of pictures I took with my iPhone, and the tool's been great to use. However, as far as I can tell, HDR data is getting lost in the process. I'm doing the following: - Export the original files (.HEIC) from iPhoto - Create a new panorama from those HEIC files - Export the created panorama as an HDR file However, when importing the file back to the iPhone the HDR data is lost. What am I doing wrong? And a "bonus" question: is there any way to export directly to HEIC? (HDR files are massive in comparison)
  2. Hi all, Using Photo 2 on Mac, I noticed some odd behavior last night. I have found a handful of photos that when I load into Photo 2, the back ground will switch to light gray, and the photo will be very washed out, when I move the mouse over it. When the mouse moves out of the window, it changes back to normal. So far all of the photos I've found that do this are from my iPhone 13 Pro (but I can't say for sure it doesn't happen with photos from other cameras) but it also doesn't happen with all photos from my iPhone. I have plenty that behave normally. I've included a video demonstrating this behavior below. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks, John 9EBDCE69-9696-48CA-8C90-F0727FFB7900.mov
  3. I suggest Affinity Photo to support exporting High Dynamic Range HEIF (HDR PQ 10-bit) from RAW/DNG/ProRAW file. It could really be a killer feature in photo editing across any OS platforms. It is especially beneficial to users who are using some recent MacBook Pros supporting HDR10/Dolby Vision (e.g. iPad Pro 2021 with XDR display). For web publishing compatibility, HDR-PQ AVIF could also be supported. Please kindly support.
  4. There's been a few threads on these forums about JXL but no real feedback from Serif on their plans other than an answer that it might happen some day. I really do think Serif should consider JXL seriously and be a first mover in regards to this format. The reasons for supporting JPEG XL is many, a new actually great format for >8bit final export, possibility of lossless quality, transparent conversion to JPEG for compatibility, better compression and more. Some sources: source 1, source 2. The reason I think Serif should be a first mover in regards to this format is that no new format will ever get the chance at dethroning JPEG from it's role if nobody ever implements it in their software. Browsers do support JPEG XL (JXL) but the enablement is hidden behind browser flags currently, partly because nothing else supports JPEG XL at this time.
  5. Hi all, thank you for the wonderfull software in the most recent version heic support was added and there are some settings about depth maps but i cannot find any tutorial for, for example, depth map editing and usage any links? thank you all
  6. I upgraded to Affinity Photo and now I have troubles with opening .heic files. Affinity Photo crashes when trying to open .heic files. It says "Loading 1 document" in the top right corner, then after 1-2 seconds the Affinity Photo application crashes.
  7. With the update to iOS 11, images synchronised from iOS devices to a Mac are in HEIC file format. When I attempt to open these images using Affinity Photo from within Apple Photos the application/extension reports "The file type is not supported." Opening a file from Photos in the Affinity Photo standalone app is not affected as the export process changes the file to a suitable type.
  8. Hello, are you plannig to improve heic/heif format in import/export function of the Windows 10 desktop version? Windows 10 now can manage this format by installing free Photo Application extension from Microsoft App Store I think it would be appreciated by Apple iPhone owners. Thanks
  9. When I import a HEIC file from photos, AP reduces the dimensions of the file from 4032x3024 to 3072x2304. This happens on all HEIC files but not JPGs. Why is this happening? Thanks!
  10. When do Affinity Photo support a plugin to edit heic-photos on MacOS?
  11. I'm starting to use the iPad version and I found it really great. It would be nice if in a future version it will be supported HEIF codec complaint to iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. Another cool feature but i know it will be harder to do, the possibility to use a Spyder5 to calibrate to iPad monitor. Like app ColorTrue does.
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