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  1. Hi, thank you i deleted the other profile and set his one as default and that did it, yes. thank you for your help and attention.
  2. about the monitor color profile. This monitor has this one and there is not another one to pick thank you for your reply
  3. hi all, i think this started happening after the latest version update when i open a file in AP it seems warmer than what i exported from lightroom and in windows photo utility. when i save it, after edit, it looks good on windows photo utility... so i was searching for a white balance or profile display but they all seem correct in the "color" menu. If seems to affect display only. everything is srgb, the colour menu in AP has the default settings. the original is a GPR (go pro fusion) converted to jpg in lightroom. affinity photo is always on the right side hints?
  4. Hi all, thank you for the wonderfull software in the most recent version heic support was added and there are some settings about depth maps but i cannot find any tutorial for, for example, depth map editing and usage any links? thank you all
  5. Hi, thank you for your reply i changed it to "warp" (its the only other option i have other than the graphics card). i was watching for like 20 minutes or so and when i got back the monitor was off and the pc was on (i dont have sleep or monitor sleep enabled) so i guess the graphics card had some kind of exception too. Had to turn off the pc on the switch and back on I didn't have the 5.6gb at the time so i opened a 12gb psb i had. I just rebuilt the 5.6gb one and i'll give it a go.
  6. sorry, i'm sending you as 12gb file (has the same outcome) and the report in dropbox since i deleted the other one thanks
  7. Hi Lee, Thank you for your reply I received your message and will share the file later at night I submitted both dumps i got with this file using the AP dump that appears after i close that dialog so you should have access to it already See you later.
  8. dont know at what time this happened since i've been away but it ended like this
  9. Hi all, i started to open a small psb (because the other i'll have to open are 20gb) and i'm waiting for 30m now. i dont know if or how you can help me but here goes: my settings: started at 09h42m. grabbed memory and seems like writing on c drive. my v drive is a ssd and has the memoryswap and i can see no action there by 09h47m still consistent by 10h00 the memory usage lowers a lot by 10h10 goes up a bit now it is 10h15m and the memory is at 8.5gb dont know if this speed is normal but i was not expecting to wait half hour (so far) for this. i'll be back to the pc in an hour or so and see how it goes but it is bothering me because i have 5 psb files to merge thank you for your help and time. Rui Pedro www.panoramapalace.com
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