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Found 12 results

  1. Before I say anything in Serif Affinity is slow, I need to say that on my MacBook Pro M1, anything Affinity is lighting fast, especially 1.10.4, certainly lightning faster that anything Adobe. However the full screen toggle (fn-F) is really uncomfortably slow, and sorry for the comparison but in this one single area Photoshop is lightning fast, meaning quite usable in the sense that it doesn't cause lag distraction. I have written an AppleScript to toggle the window bounds to {1680, 1050} but the window will only resize to {1670, 1040} or something like that. This script is very fast, much faster than the toggle but a little bit of the desktop and the windows behind it peek through - not anything show stopping but not a super clean full screen UI.
  2. Hi I had brought this up in a Designer forum, but nothing happened. It matters even more in Publisher, hence this request. I am being required to submit a PDF for web viewing (iTunes Digital Booklet) that has its Initial View options set for Full Screen. Although I can set other initial view options (zoom, facing pages etc.) in my third party reader, it seems that the Full Screen option is elusive. I cannot find any freeware app that will set Initial View to Full Screen, and It seems wasteful to buy a full-blown copy of Acrobat just to do that one thing. Please could you add a full set of Initial View options to the PDF export dialogue. It would be a valuable - and logical - addition to the program. Thanks, Alan
  3. Hello Everybody, I'm new to Affinity Photo, I'm testing it and I love it. Of course nothing never perfect... I'm a hobbyist and I create a comic. I'm using Photoshop for post processing 3D Daz/Blender images. Affinity looks to be a better tool for my needs. I have a first problem. I'm running Windows 10, and I don't find how to activate the full screen mode. I have multiple screens, I would like to work my image "real size". I googled that this is easy for OSX users, and it looks Windows users can do it too. But I do not know how. Please can you tell me ? Gwen69
  4. Since the beginning when you work in full screen on any Affinity App, double clicking a file on the Finder doesn't correctly set the focus on the App. The application is indeed active but it doesn't switch to the correct screen. This is quite jarring since all other applications do this correctly. Most of the time I double clic a second time before remembering and then you can't simply hit cmd + tab since the app is indeed focused just not on the right screen. I don't understand if this is by design or an oversight since you always open files from the Application and not the Finder.
  5. Hi, when the AfD, AfP and AfPub are in Full Screen mode, the document opened from Finder doesn't show the application. The app becomes active, but the screen doesn't switch to the app screen. I have to go there manually by hiting Cmd+Tab or clicking the app icon in the dock.
  6. When you use Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo in full screen on a Mac, the applications focus are incoherent to what the user would expect. If Affinity Designer is launched and in full screen. When you open an Affinity Designer file from the Finder, the file is opened in the current Affinity Designer space and the app is put in focus but you stay on the current Finder space. If you don’t pay attention to the menu bar you could thing it didn't work. For me the best behaviour would be to automatically switch to the Affinity Designer space (akin to Visual Studio Code). Another solution would be to open the file in the current space with a complete interface like Pages does but this doesn't seems suitable to me.
  7. I've been using Photoshop & CorelDraw. Saw a promo video for Affinity and thought I would check it out, found some great features and some areas that really don't work for me. I've briefly looked at the forum and seen some references but don't know the status of the following: 1. Why images don't open at 100%, I know you can go to view and click 100% but what possible reason could there be to default to a different resolution? 2. I would suggest that when rulers are selected they be shown inside the image window with guidelines from the crop cursor to the ruler - uninterrupted. Works great in PhotoShop. 3. Another feature in PhotoShop I use a lot is to be able to toggle between Actual Pixels - Fit In Screen - Print Size. I often save parts of an image for different purposes and easy access lets me double check correct look for that purpose. 4. I would also suggest for your video tutorials you use a larger cursor with contrasting colors. I find it very difficult to both follow what is being said and trying to find the cursor so I can see what is being said. Regards Barry U
  8. The option to display 100% full screen when pressing the TAB key. Right now, the menu displays at the top. Photoshop has this as one of its modes when pressing the F key.
  9. Hi, Help says that to view an image full screen "From the Windows menu, select toggle full screen". The Windows menu only shows me the file name of the photo I am currently editing, there is no "toggle full screen" option. Just to be clear, I am trying to see the image "full screen" with no toolbars or anything else. This is a temporary "how's it going" moment before returning to editing. Please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious. Thanks, John
  10. Hey Affinity Designer developers, a few bugs I found so far: The User Interface bugs when I hit the full screen button and doesn't show the Layer bar and menu anymore. Workaround: After minimizing the window everything looks fine. I clicked on a Group with Text curves inside that have FX. When I hit the fx Button, there is none of the FX possibilities marked, but with the Text curve activated hitting the fx bar the Gaussian blur is activated. The bug doesn't occur when i activate one Text curve and hit the fx button of another Text curve. Thank you very much for making this project bigger and bigger, even for Windows users. :) Kind regards, MonsieurMey
  11. Feature I am missing the most is a distraction-free preview mode. An ability to see the main canvas only, full screen, without any dark UI elements, menus, etc. Is there a shortcut that does this now? Thank you.
  12. Hi, is there some way to show only your art board in fullscreen without seeing all the tool pallets? (Just like we type "tab" or "F" on photoshop or "F9" on Corel Draw).
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