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  1. Hi Vilber, did you restart your Computer after deleting the FNTCACHE.DAT? I still had some duplicates afterwards aswell and I can recommend you to use the free tool NexusFont. There you can find duplicates and delete them.
  2. Hi Sean P, additional info: I checked in NexusFont whether there are duplicates and it displays some twice, but I still can't find the duplicate of the Montserrat Bold in the Windows font folder.
  3. Hi Sean, I think I found the problem. For some reason the Affinity Designer font cache has some fonts included multiple times. The export problem just shows up when I use fonts that are multiple times in the font cache, e.g. Asap Regular or Montserrat Bold. For all others it works fine. I checked in my C/Windows/Fonts/Asap which font weights are installed and how many times. There were multiple times the regular weight, so I uninstalled the duplicates. But in C/Windows/Fonts/Montserrat are no duplicates of the Montserrat Bold that I could uninstall. Unfortunately, I sometimes have to rewrite my Windows fonts. It seems to me that a problem occurs when I reinstall the fonts. Regarding your question: I attached the screenshot with the export settings. My PDF viewer is Adobe Reader XI (Version 11.0.23). The same problem occurs when I use PDF X-Change Editor (Version 6.0 - Build 322.7).
  4. Hi Sean P, sure. Asap-problem.afdesign ASAP-BOLD_0.TTF MIX-BOLD.TTF ASAP-REGULAR.TTF
  5. Hello , I have realised a problem while exporting text in PDF. When I use some fonts (e.g. Asap Regular), the text is not exported correctly. I have already tried the different PDF-export options and I am still having problems. In the images you can see how the text looks like in Affinity Designer and how it is exported. I have this issue since Affinity Designer version 1.6. Thank you very much! Kind regards, MonsieurMey
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