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Found 10 results

  1. Filler Text in Frame Text freezes and cannot be edited. (same in Designer 1.9.2.!) In fact UI freezes completely Problem didn't exist in Version 1.9.1 and previous. Machine: DELL Latitude E6430 Windows 10 Professional x64 21H1 (19043.899) Intel Core i5-3320M Mem 8 GB Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA NVS 5200M (discr) Java 16 x64 Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer / Affinity Publisher 1.9.2 latest
  2. Custom filler text placed in a shape converted to a text frame, is not visible. Test filler text in a shape.afpub
  3. I think it might be useful if, when using Filler Text (see note below), the last frame of the chained Text Frames displayed the word count, see attached image (word count not exact, just a mock-up). This would be helpful in situations where the writer, editor and layout artist wanted to be fairly sure that the text will fit into the layout. For example: * Editor tells the writer to produce, say, 1000 words; * Editor tells the layout artist to use a certain layout; * Layout artist creates the layout and uses filler text while the copy is being prepared; * Layout artist notices that the text frames will either probably not hold the prescribed number of words or will probably leave a big gap; * Layout artist advises the editor; * Editor tells the writer to either cut their copy down to fit or write more copy. This may allow the layout artist and writer to be able to reasonably ensure that the copy which is submitted is nearer to the required length earlier in the production process and, therefore, lessen problems later on when deadlines are nearer. This isn’t a major thing for me – I probably won’t use it at all personally – but I think some people might benefit. Note: I am not requesting that this word count is provided for non-Filler Text, this is just for when Filler Text is used. (A word count for ‘normal’ text has been discussed elsewhere and I don’t want to go over all that again.)
  4. Nothing crucial, just an observation. Make a 3 column text frame and insert filler text. Column 1 and 3 will show the text ruler, column 2 not. Expanded filler text shows text rulers for all columns.
  5. hey guys, iam using a german placeholder text: When iam using this placeholder text (or any different one) affinity publisher starts at random positions from the text. Is it possible to start every time from the start? (in this example: "Wie beiläufig...")
  6. At the moment filler text only holds normal body text and I think it would be handy to be able to include headings (or pretty much all styles such as bullets, initial words and table body) as part of the filler text, not just body text. If we had some tags (like html's <h1> and <h2> tags etc) which we could wrap around the filler text in the preferences panel, when we style each element we would be able to see the filler text change accordingly, not just the body text.
  7. Hi Affinity guys, when I have created a text frame with a filler text, it is not possible to select a single word in the text frame. It always selects the complete filler text in the frame. Is this per design or is it a bug? Please find the attached screenshot. Thank you very much for a short response and best wishes. Hartmut
  8. Hi, Does anybody know how to specify filler text properties like the number of characters, words, or papagraphs? Is there a tool to look up those properties for any text that has been filled into a text box at all? Beeing used to Adobe InDesign I really miss this feature. Apart from that Affinity Publisher is the programme I have been dreaming of.
  9. Can we get the This Lorem Ipsum generator? Perhaps as an easter egg (pressing Option + Text > Insert Filler Text) if it's not proper over there in England — would the Queen fine you :P ?
  10. Oftentimes I need to tweak filler text, for example, insert a headline in a different font and/or color, or mess with the line breaks, etc. It would be great if the text generated by the Filler Text command would be editable just like regular text. Thanks for your time and amazing work. Cheers!
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