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  1. Filler Text in Frame Text freezes and cannot be edited. (same in Designer 1.9.2.!) In fact UI freezes completely Problem didn't exist in Version 1.9.1 and previous. Machine: DELL Latitude E6430 Windows 10 Professional x64 21H1 (19043.899) Intel Core i5-3320M Mem 8 GB Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA NVS 5200M (discr) Java 16 x64 Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer / Affinity Publisher 1.9.2 latest
  2. May the absence of any mention at all not indicate the interest or else the lack of interest in this feature by Serif?
  3. Agreed that Affinity Suite is a great package with a lot of advantages for an unbeatable price. However I try to use Publisher for editing a German Church Magazine. By and large Publisher does a great job and it's a joy to work with the program. However in some cases - i.e. footnotes, ragged lines ajustment etc. - I still prefer to use Indesign ... An example from a Mag regarding footnotes demonstrating that footnotes in german publications are not limited to 800 pages scientific books 😉
  4. just another strong plea to introduce footnotes / endnotes in publisher.
  5. I also consider a "Balance Ragged Lines" feature to be extremly helpful. It's one of the options I really miss since I changed from ID 6 to Publisher.
  6. I too would appreciate an "Info Panel" similar to the Info-Tool in InDesign CS4. Naturally I can count words and characters of a text in a Word Processor but surely it's a little impractical to keep switching to an fro. Currently I am using Publischer
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