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Found 11 results

  1. The text either partially or completely disappears after Artistic Text Tool> "Enter Text" > Change Font > Alignment Button as seen in the following attachment. Please note that the partial visibility is not related to font size (tested). Is there a fix available? Thanks Community
  2. I just noticed today there is something unusual with installing brushes from profile. Each time I restart the Affinity Designer app on the ipad, the brushes that I installed disappears. I try to install it another time and the brushes work fine. Unfortunately the brushes appear to be uninstalled again when I restart the app. It’s probably a bug in the update as the brushes I installed prior to 1.10.1 is still there. Anyone else having this issue? I am on iPadOS 15, using version 1.10.1 FullSizeRender.mov
  3. Strange things happen to night after playing with three layers and a mask i version Trying to set a mask on upper layer. AP freeze, after minimized the app and get back the mask is there, but ... I can't remove or doing anything the mask from this layer, and at that moment AP quit without any warning total.
  4. It seems like we get something like one post per week where the user has ‘lost their tools’ which, usually, is caused by them pressing TAB accidentally. Since: * it’s so easy for someone to press TAB accidentally; * it’s not something that all users would expect to happen; * there is no on-screen indication of what has happened or how to undo what’s happened... … I would like to recommend that some kind on on-screen indication is given to the user to tell them how to get the UI back. On Windows this could be achieved by having some simple wording in the window title bar, such as “[UI has been hidden - press TAB to reveal it]” (see attached mock-up) but I don’t know if this can be achievable on OS X or iPad. Alternatively a message akin to the Assistant pop-ups could appear. The message could have a ‘close’ icon (which has to be pressed to remove it since the user may not see a message that goes away by itself after a second or so as they are ‘in a panic’ because everything has disappeared) with a ‘Don’t remind me again’ checkbox for more experienced users, or something similar. I’m sure there are other alternatives, and I don’t really have any preference to which is used, but I do think that the user should be given more information about what has happened and how to get the UI back as it can be disconcerting to have things disappear and not know what to do about it.
  5. I have included this screen recording demonstrating my issue. I was editing an object using live perspective when I started to zoom back out on the entire photo. When I did, little blocks of it were missing and the checkboxes were showing instead. I closed the app and reloaded it. At first it was fine but when I started to edit, it did it again. In the video, you can see that as I hav the image zoomed out, it is only checks and you can’t see the image. I can zoom in a lot and then slowly zoom out and the image is visible only while my fingers stay on the iPad. All the layers are showing up on the layers window and when I try to use the eye dropper, it still shows the colors. Help?! Thank you, Amber IMG_0181.MP4
  6. Windows 10 Home 1903, Publisher Every now and again, seemingly randomly to me, Publisher hangs for a few seconds and then page background goes ‘dark’ or invisible. See attached image where you can see that the page background has ‘gone’, however, at the bottom of the image you can see where scrolling up a little has revealed part of the white page background. It happened this time while I was trying to drag a text frame but I’ve seen it when modifying tables and quite a few other times. I have never seen this happen with previous versions of Publisher, even the betas. I have only seen this behaviour on this document but this is the only document I have edited for any real length of time with this version of Publisher. The document was created using a production version of Publisher – I don’t know which one – and not a beta. Double-clicking on a spread in the Pages panel takes everything back to normal but it’s a bit disconcerting.
  7. When I place an image on a page it appears huge. If I select resize it to a smaller size it disappears although it is still shown in the layers palette. Attached is a video that shows what I mean - the image I'm placing is 20" wide at 300 dpi. RGB Disappearing image.mov
  8. Odd thing just happened (AD Win7)... Drew a curve Made a clone Flipped it horizontally Aligned the start nodes Attempted to join them And the whole lot vanishes! I've erased the rest of the drawing leaving just the two curves, and this behaviour happens repeatedly. File attached - try selecting the top centre nodes where the curves touch and joining. If I tamper with the file in almost any way (such ad adding a new object to the canvas) then the curves join correctly. What is going on? Have just loaded the file into Retail and the behaviour is different... here the curves remain, but do not join. The Vanishing.afdesign
  9. Hi guys, I'm new here to the forum and new to affinity designer. So far I'm loving the software, however I seemed to have ran into a bit of a problem, It's kind of hard to explain but, whenever I draw something with the pen tool on a new layer it always starts out with no fill, I click on the “use fill” check box which seems to solve the problem temporarily, but then when I draw another shape in the same layer the settings goes back to no fill & no stroke on the new shape and I have to click 'use fill' again. Also when I go to edit a shape that I previously made, the fill and stroke disappear and the settings just automatically reset to no fill & no stroke, and I have to go back and choose the colour I had previously... is there anyway to fix this? And is there any way I can use the fill option by default without having to click it every time I make a new shape?
  10. Hi! It would be great to be able to hide artboad labels. For instance, if you want to zoom out and look at your artboards, the labels are overlapping and don't look good at all. Plus, hiding the labels gives you a better idea of what the design looks like.
  11. Do you have a plan to improve Artboard guides for universal workspace?(can see my attached file) I think this way is easier to create UI design, brochure and etc. On the current version is really awkward and rarely to use but It's better than nothings, however I can use copying an object from an Artboard and paste to other Artboards with the same position instead of making some guides ;). Cheers.
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