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Found 12 results

  1. BUG REPORT - What happens when I Expand the Stroke. Everything I tried doesn't work on this particular font and rasterizing is not an option for me due to professional publishing needs. The only workaround for me on this one was taking it into another software to make the paths. I wish there was a fix for this in Affinity. This issue really needs to be fixed or at least some way to have a viable workaround. Font is Krupper Additionally, I first noticed the font was breaking from Publisher when exporting to PDF. So I tried to convert to curves in Desginer which causes the font to break. Running MacOS 10.15.5 & Affinity 1.8.4 Steps to repeat this: Download Krupper Font Add Stroke set to 3.5 Convert to Curves Expand Stroke New Document file attached as well as a photo. Memorabilia.afdesign
  2. I don't know if anyone has noticed this bug but if you create an artistic text letter R,B,P,D and convert it to curves to create a vector object. Then clone that object with a CTRL drag. Select the cloned object and flip it horizontally. Then bring them together, so the stalk overlaps to give a mirrored, merged effect. Then select both images and use the geometry add function, the objects do not join as expected. The one on the right fills in the hole in the R, B, P, D but leaves the object on the left as is. I have included a document for you to try and replicate this for yourself. The object on the left is what the add function should do (created in DrawPlus). All you have to do is select both of the objects on the right and select geometry add function. This bug also occurs in Affinity Designer. Geometry bug.afpub
  3. I have build a complex compound with both addition and subtraction. Now I want to convert this to a single curve. Is there a one-click (or similarly easy) way to do this, or do I have to manually rebuild it from the components using destructive boolean operations rather than compound operations?
  4. I have a very simple artistic text layer with a single word in it. It has a couple of layer effects applied. When I select the layer and attempt to Convert to Curves the program crashes instantly. No crash report. The file is attached. MYNAME.afdesign
  5. Just curious if there is a standard practice for designers exporting PDFs using AD…when you create a pdf, do you prefer to embed your fonts in the pdf, or do you convert them to curves when exporting? (I assume “Convert to Curves” is the AD equivalent of Adobe’s “outline fonts”?) I haven’t run into any issues either way but wondered what others do. Thanks!
  6. When attempting to add curves post converting text to curves I'm getting areas that are filling in upon clicking "add". This poses a problem because when I go to "move inside" another image to form to the text it moves it inside this new filled in area as well. See screenshot. (I searched the forum to try to find answers prior to posting.) Any help is welcomed. Thanks, Anndria
  7. .afdesign documents are not suitable for general distribution, and embedded fonts cannot be expected on destination PCs; so we are constantly required to translate fonts to curves and then export to PDF. Given how frequently we need this feature, you can make life much easier for customers: (1) A quick-export to PDF button; (2) A checkbox that will convert to curves before export; (3) Total abolition of the troublesome "document changed" warning, considering that we need to preserve the original .afdesign without over-writing it.
  8. Hey guys, i clicked the "Convert to Curves" button, but the shape doesn't change.. How can i make the left shape to the right one just like illustrator?
  9. I used a number of different style vector brushes when I inked a design in Affinity Designer. When I went to convert the brush strokes to curves, only the solid standard brush strokes were converted and all specialized or non-standard brushes were gone.... I backtracked and selected a single stroke made with a non-standard vector brush and went to convert to curves or expand... and it was grayed out. Is there a way to convert these types of brushes to fills? I need to be able to use my vector line work made in Affinity Designer in other apps as vectors.... Is there a solution to this? Thanks
  10. I really hope we get a feature that allows multiselection of many objects including text objects where the primary goal is to make any live text and convert it to curves. Essentially leaving nontext objects alone. This would be for the sake of simplicity to convert many text objects and convert them all to curves in one step. AI allows for this under their Type menu. It ignores vector objects and only converts the type objects.
  11. This is about Affinity Photo (Desktop version for Mac) 1.5.2 and Affinity Designer (Desktop version for Mac) 1.5.5 If I do have a text with letters next to each other and I am using an outer glow, when converting into curves (necessary to export for professional printing purposes), each letter will get a glow individually, resulting in another visual effect. Thus I will need to adjust every letter again and it will not look like the effect I had before converting to curves. It would be nice to be able to choose whether the layer effect should be applied on the whole group of layers (in this case, a word instead on of each letter) or on each layer separately. Please view screenshots to see what I mean (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Thank you for this great application!
  12. Would like to be able to convert to curves text and stroked shapes that may be in groups.
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