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Found 11 results

  1. The blur brush tool is behaving strangely. The selection circle is displayed and is normal when I move it over the image. When I click to work with it a checkered background appears within the circle. It also does not work. The same applies to sharpen and gaussian blur brush tools but strangely not smudge which works as normal. Does this mean a re-install?
  2. Hi! The Blur brush, and all the others in this tool, doesn't work on a Mac Book pro M2 Updated Affinity Photo to the latest. A blur filter works with a selection, but not the Brush.Seems a bug.
  3. Windows 11 Pro 22H2, Ryzen 7 3700X with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super New issues 2.2: Project file sometimes silently fails to save latest session changes (do not know how to reproduce). Other people now reporting same problem on Facebook. Project file can be missing hours of work when re-opened. Running a macro instantly crashes the application (crash report uploaded, 100% reproducible). Application does not crash when applying macro actions manually. Macros created in 2.1. Blemish Removal tool when used to dab away dust spots slows down with each successive use, until eventually the application becomes unresponsive for long periods of time. Application does not crash (so far), eventually recovers, but I have always given up when the unresponsive periods become intolerable (30s to 1 min), never pushed it further (frequently reproduceable). Merge Visible sometimes produces a result that has somewhat shifted levels/color (not easily reproduceable). Workaround is to break up merge into batches of fewer layers and then merge the results. Issues 2.2 (carried over from 2.0/2.1): Blur Brush region of influence does not preview blur effect, it previews like an erase tool (reveals layer underneath or transparency grey squares) (100% reproducible). Blur Brush tool is often reluctant to make any changes or makes some small amount of change and then becomes unable to make any more changes (even at 100%) (frequently reproducible). Grid cannot be turned on (100% reproducible). Makes it difficult to snap objects. Amending a TIFF file and saving it directly (without export) severely corrupts metadata (Subject, Tags, Comments). Comments and Subject are completely replaced by seemingly random bursts of Chinese characters, long hierarchical tags and large lists of tags are truncated even though they have not exceeded any limits imposed by File Explorer or dedicated tagging applications (100% reproducible). Application repeatedly displays a reminder dialog to turn on crash reporting when launched. Apart from settings choices being repeatedly questioned, the reminder dialog frequently interrupts train of thought. If it only comes up after a failure, then this suggests there are frequent silent failures happening in the background going unnoticed.
  4. When using the Blur or Sharpen Brush tool I get a transparent preview when moving the mouse instead of a normal preview. This happens ONLY when HW OpenCL Acceleration is ON. AP 2.0.4 Nvidia 1660 Win 10.
  5. With hardware acceleration switched on a chequered background shows through the brush area and no blurring happens. Blur tool does work OK with hardware acceleration switched off. Sharpen tool lightens the part of the image within the brush area but doesn't seem to do any sharpening regardless of whether hardware acceleration is on or off. This is with only the Background layer present and switching the brush type from Acrylic to Basic. Affinity Photo version 1.10.1(.142) Windows 10 NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super graphics card
  6. Using the Blur Brush, the preview under the cursor is the checkerboard when Transparent Background and white otherwise. Should this not show the proposed blur?
  7. The new versions shows an old issue: The blur tool shows a transparent circle instead of the effect preview while hovering. When click-dragging, the effect is applied correctly. 2021-08-08 14-21-45.mkv
  8. Hi, this happens when I use 'Blur Brush Tool' and 'Median Brush Tool' ... 'Sharpen Brush Tool' and 'Smudge Brush Tool' seems not be affected. Bildschirmvideo_aufnehmen_2020-02-24_um_08_45_28.mov
  9. • The Blur Brush Tool works extremely subtle only and may show an erasing preview. • It feels improved if in AP prefs the macOS feature 'Metall' is set to off. • Regardless of this performance preference, setting 'Software' included, the tool appears not to exceed a certain amount of painted blurring and simply stops working then. This issue was reported for v182 in the questions forum but there it's unclear whether it should be solved already. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/97495-blur-brush-tool-in-photo-is-not-working/ First clip with Metall, second with Open GL: Blur Brush Tool - preview & affect.m4v Blur Brush Tool - Metall off.m4v
  10. Hi! There's a little glitch with the Blur Brush Tool in Photo beta 150 RC2: It does its job, but the live preview becomes transparent. But not always! I guess it depends on the type of file ... maybe Metal on.
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