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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I just installed a trial of Affinity Photo and it seems very capable, however, my existing photo libraries contain many thousands of images. I looked at a tutorial and in it an image was found and opened in a simple document file. Is that the only option? I had no clue about the scope of AP other than its editing functions and that it was considered an Adobe liberator but I think I can see where there is no file management system in this app. If I'm wrong please enlighten me but tell me how and where you import your files and what you do to catalog them. Thanks
  2. Am I the only one asking for a file import system across the range of Affinity applications… C'mon Affinity! Give us a nice neat filing system for imports, one that seamlessly uses both file metadata and embedded keywords to search for images. Manages a common file system (whether Mac or Win) of media in a number of folders in a semi-rigid way and renames imported filenames on import to correspond to its predesigned workflow. Duh!
  3. Free Windows Explorer codecs to enhance graphic design related file management. SVG codec / viewer for Windows Explorer. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7, 8 and 10. SVG Explorer Extension - Download SVG Viewer Extension for Windows Explorer v0.1.1 https://svgextension.codeplex.com/releases/view/118790 SVG file management enhancement. Adobe developed, ISO proposed, open source format for camera RAW file standard. DNG codec / viewer for Windows Explorer. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Adobe DNG Codec 2.0 http://www.free-codecs.com/adobe_dng_codec_download.htm DNG camera RAW file management enhancement. I hope these facilities enhance your productivity and workflow.
  4. Hi, are you planning to include a digital assets management feature to "replace" Lightroom or even to have an addition like bridge? Macphun with their product Luminar are working on that. I work with Lightroom since version 1 and was a paid tester before it came out. I would love to see an addition with LR or Bridge features included in your excellent Affinity Photo which I use on my mac & on my iPad. Hope to hear good news from you! Stephan
  5. I have a mac pro with 4 hard drives and have tried the trial version of Affinity Photo but I have a few questions before I buy a licence: (1) Can I download AP from the Mac app store to each hard drive/OS in turn? (if not how can I ensure AP is on each HDD?) (2) By the end of this year I am hoping to have a new desktop mac - how can I easily transfer or add AP licence to the new machine? If I could ask another question here ... Is there a plan to integrate file management with Affinity Photo at any point in the near future? This is important to me as it saves a lot of time jumping from one app to another and I prefer to work seamlessly. Thanks in advance of any answers Raysto
  6. This one idea i've had endless times for photoshop and other CS software while working away. I work in the animation industry, as a designer, storyboarder, animator, and compositer (sometimes all of these on a single project). Often I end up at the end of the pipe dealing with hundreds of asset files to be integrated into the comp using AE. The advancements in cross platform adobe integration over the last 4 years have been revolutionary. But there is this one thing that always just pops into my brain. Why can't these files have more than one resolution. Why are we always limited to a single resolution for a file. There are ways around it of course, AE can ignore the alpha on the boarder and crop down for you, but I still think there is more we could do. Having "multiple canvas resolutions inside one document" could be so powerful for export, organization, and packaging assets... Imagine using the "batch export" or "layer comps to files" functions in photoshop when you could pump out every resolution you needed from one file. I think maybe the problem is no OS lets you have files with those parameters. Or it would maybe break some of your existing cross platform integration. It's a half baked idea, but it entered into my mind so many times as a designer over the years that I felt I would be amiss not mentioning it to a company that is clearly focused on rallying the design community around innovation of functionality. So there it is. Much love to you guys and the work you are doing < 3 PS: I haven't had a chance yet to use the affinity software, but I will purchasing it soon. I am mostly an An Ps Ae TVP guy. So please forgive me if this is already in the software, or this concept doesn't really apply to more vector based drawing applications. -kg
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