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  1. Many thanks for those comprehensive answers and the welcome. Yes each hdd in my Mac Pro has a separate OS, three of which are El Capitan. The other one is mountain lion which I understand doesn't work for Affinity Photo (I keep it to use old apps when I need to). I'm intrigued to know how the digital asset management software will work with AP. Raysto
  2. I have a mac pro with 4 hard drives and have tried the trial version of Affinity Photo but I have a few questions before I buy a licence: (1) Can I download AP from the Mac app store to each hard drive/OS in turn? (if not how can I ensure AP is on each HDD?) (2) By the end of this year I am hoping to have a new desktop mac - how can I easily transfer or add AP licence to the new machine? If I could ask another question here ... Is there a plan to integrate file management with Affinity Photo at any point in the near future? This is important to me as it saves a lot of time jumping from one app to another and I prefer to work seamlessly. Thanks in advance of any answers Raysto