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Found 9 results

  1. Hello On the last version Affinity Photo Version 2.03, going to Develop Persona, I have no possibility to change White Balance adjustment. Draging the slider, the value doesn't change and the color doesn't change ! Are they some tricks to change it ?
  2. Waarom is/of is dit nog niet opgelost? why isn't it solved yet?
  3. Hi, When I attempt to apply a saved preset, the WB setting isn't applying in the RAW personal unless I adjust TINT or TEMPERATURE. When I develop the image none of the preset develops with it. I then need to go do it again before it works. I've attempted to do all this with both linked and embedded RAW files with the same result. Video shows that when I go back into Develop persona to apply it the second time, the output preferences have now changed from linked to embedded as well. Additional bugs: Regardless of placement policy and my selection when editing, it changed RAW output to embedded once developed. Unable to adjust WB temperature with scroll wheel like you can with other RAW adjustment paramaters AP v2 bugs.mov
  4. Changing the Tone Curve option in the Develop Persona make no difference to the RAW file. The WB cannot be changed incrementally, it only be changed with the slider bar.
  5. Since I updated to Affinity Photo 2, the white balance doesn't work in Develop Persona. It only reacts when I move one of the Sliders above it. How can I fix the problem? Greetings from Germany, Oliver
  6. Ik weet het niet als dit al aan je gemeld is. Ik werk met Windows 11 De pijlen van de witbalansschuif werken niet in AP V2.0 (raw)
  7. Photo 2, Windows 11 These buttons in the Raw personal, Basic tab, don't work. I've confirmed every other up/down pair I tried works but these don't make any difference to the value. It can be adjusted with the slider and manually entered, but not incremented / decremented with the arrows. Thanks.
  8. Do not know if this was previously reported but the White Balance appears at the moment to only function with the slider values by using the mouse. Cannot type in a white balance amount and the up and down arrows do nothing. The Tint is okay, and can be changed by the slider, direct typed value or use the up and down arrows. Do not use the crop tool in the Develop Personae as I in preference use the crop tool in Photo as one of the very last operations prior to exporting the image. Have found that the Units Button on the title bar that describes the camera and lens combination does work well to change the units in the Unconstrained crop. This button did not work in previous versions of the Photo Personae. just getting used to the slightly different options in Version 2.
  9. Adjusting the temperature in the develop persona using the scroll wheel, arrow keys or clicking on the right-side arrows is not working.
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