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  1. HI, I'm trying Affinity to see results on EXR and HDR 360 panos, I'm pretty happy with the results, but there is a problem, after applying Persona Tone mapping the resulting image is no longer a smooth 360, here you can see what I'm talking about, before and after. So, how can avoid or fix this, this is essential to decide whether to buy the software or not (I'm using trial) Thank's! I hope someone can provide any solution
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum, but not to image editing; Importing a single equirectangular image stitched in PTGui in order to adjust levels and remove tripod, when the Tone Mapping Persona is selected and 'natural' has been applied, often I can find a resulting stitch line in the seam when Layer>Equirectangular Projection is selected. This leads to a 'broken' image sphere as it cannot be viewed nicely in 360. The image editor needs to be aware that when image adjustments are being made to a 360 image that the neighbouring pixels are at the opposing side of the 2:1 image and need to be merged to achieve a consistent result. Thanks for looking into this; Now that Photoshop has removed some 360 image editing support, I guess more users will look to Affinity for support.
  3. I have been trying to level/straighten a 360 panorama using the "Straighten" tool in "Live Projection" view. However, I have noticed that after I go into Live Projection view and use the Straighten tool, then exit the Live Projection view and save the image, it looks soft. The sharpness is reduced. This appears to be a major issue to me as I am not able to level my panoramas using Affinity Photo. The quality of photos should not be affected in this way. Files showing Before and After leveling results are attached for reference. Observe the "Bosch" logo on the oven to easily identify the issue. 1. Before Leveling/Straightening (Original Image) 1. After Leveling/Straightening (Softened Image)
  4. Would absolutely love to have the ability to be able to view and save different "projections" of 360° equirectangular images such as tiny planet, fisheye, etc. Cheers, Lior
  5. after processing 360 panorama (very good result!) I get always a vertical line at the joint of the image. it si not in the unprocessed panorama.. also color right and left from line is quite different. the line itself is removable applying inpainting brush tool in live projection -> equirectangular projection. question is how to get uniform color on both sides. if there is a better workaround than inpaint brush tool please tell ma. thx a lot! cris
  6. Tone mapping persona creates a "seam line" along the edges of a 360 image since the edges are the stich line. I think a workaround could be to "strech/extend" the right and left edges of a 360 panorama , then run ton mapping persona, and following that "downsizing" the image back to the original size. Not quite sure how I'd go about that though - so I'd really appreciate some guidance in how to best avoid "seam lines" after using the tone mapping persona.
  7. Today I tried every way to edit a 360 picture in the equirecangular live projection it works fine BUT it is all destructive! SO for this work I have to go back to Photoshop I already abandoned for good (at least I thought), this is very sad because I love the Serif programs - especially Affinity Photo. Please do something in that regard otherwise keep up the good work greetings Schwabihabi
  8. I was wondering at how I'd be able to recreate the content aware fill (on photoshop) shown in this video (at 1:45). Does affinity have something like this? I've tried using the inpainting brush tool, but could not really achieve a good result on a panorama I'm working on with AP (attached).
  9. Hi, I have tried to make an HDR image from 3 equirectangular images ( 360x180 panorama - stitched from AutoPano ). Problem: I got a line on the final image due to a difference between the pixels from the left and right sides. Is there a way to tell Affinity that the image is a 360 pano, in ordre to force the pixels from left and right sides to share the same values? - for example, the same way Photomatix has a checkbox... - The funny thing, is that issue does not show up always... Any suggestion? Thank you.
  10. As with the previous version, 360 photos edited in Affinity Photo 1.7.1 are losing their metadata. When uploaded to Google Photos, they remain as equirectangular photos. Only workaround is uninstall and roll back to earlier version.
  11. Hi guys, I'm a newbie. Can someone explain to me, step by step, how to replace the sky in a 360 image? I followed the official Affinity tutorial but what I get is a "sky" cut. I am attaching a screenshot. The sky I used is a 360 photo that I downloaded from the web. But it seems that affinity does not recognize it as 360. What am I doing wrong? I read on another topic that I have to apply the equirectangular distortion. But I don't know how to do this. Can someone explain it to me? Thank you
  12. I just bought Affinity Photo and I think that this software looks pretty awesome! It is way faster and more responsive than Photoshop on my Windows 10 PC. However, I am a pro 360/panoramic photographer, and one of my biggest complaints about Photoshop (and Lightroom, and pretty much everything actually) is that it has no idea when a photo wraps around at the edges of an equirectangular image, and therefore when I apply "nearest neighbor" functions like vibrance, clarity, shadows, highlights, sharpness, etc., I get a seam that can be quite pronounced. When I read Affinity Photo had native 360 functionality, that sounded like music to my ears. Within the Photo persona, I've had no problems with seams, which is a huge improvement over Photoshop. I tried using the Tonemapping persona, which did some amazing stuff with a really lousy Theta image that I never would have guessed, but then when I projected it to equi, the seam was as big and bold as ever... I'd just like to ask if there is a way that I can avoid this in the Tonemapping persona, and if the Tonemapper can be made 360-friendly, because with 360 images, this is almost critical. You often have the uber bright sun in the same image with uber dark shadows, and tonemapping of this quality would be something I really would like to take advantage of.
  13. Hello everyone, I couldn't find any hint in the manual, nor tutorials online, nor a thread regarding my issue. So, I would like to ask you. I really like the panorama feature of AP and am impressed by the results. Also projecting 360 imagery in equirectangular projection works perfectly well. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to stitch my photos to a 360 degree sphere. I have all the photos I need, the stitching works out alright, but then AP seems to interpret the overlap as a continuation on one of the sides. Therefore, I've tried to adjust them manually in order to align them. But as soon as I use equirectangular projection AP renders a sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller gap between the two edges of the photo. Does anyone know how to close the gap? Cheers, Philipp
  14. Hi! I work with 360 photos and I love your live equirectangular projection editing feature, but the maximum FOV is very limiting. The feature could come in handy to fix nadirs and zeniths, but the 90 degree FOV is just too low. Coupled with the 2:1 aspect ratio, it becomes next too useless for the intended purpose. I have to edit nadir and zenith in 360 photos very often, but had to revert back to the cumbersome procedure of exporting a rectilinear crop, editing and then converting back to equirectangular again. So, a few things would help: make to FOV grater than 90 allow changing canvas aspect ratio to 1:1 Would changing the FOV limit be possible through preferences or registry editing? Best regards, Robert
  15. Is it possible for affinity photo to have an update where you can view 360 in real time in a window or in the active window to be able to draw in 360. Even though we are able to view in live projection, as soon as we choose another tool it deactivates the "real time" projection. It slows down the work flow. I love your program and really don't want to go back to photoshop. It would be a great addition to the software and would compete with future trends in 360 creations. Another option would be a plug in similar to this: http://www.oniride.com/360art It would truly be an awesome addition to Affinity. Do you anticipate 360 support in affinity designer as well?
  16. I have been a Lightroom user for several years, but since I now shoot more and more equirectangular 360 panoramas, I have found the software seriously limited. So, yesterday I bought Affinity Photo after seeing some of the great instructional videos on their Youtube channel. Many of my 360 images are part of virtual tours, which means a lot of images will require exactly the same edits. In Lightroom, I can synchronise the settings of selected images or copy the settings of the previously opened image to the next by the click of a button. Are there any similar functions in Affinity Photo? Thanks for taking time to read this! http://steinarnejensen.blogspot.no/
  17. Affinity, Do you guys have a video showcasing how to fill aky of a drone 360 Pano? I came across a video on YouTube that showcased this, but cannot find it, nor can I remember if it was an "Affinity" showcased Video Workflow or someone else. Due to the Zenith constraints of Drone 360 image capture, I need to fill the sky. Thank you.
  18. I have read somewhere that AP cannot create Spherical (360) panos, is this correct?? If so, what can software(s) can produce, handle/stitch, create Spherical (360) Panos?? I am using a drone to capture the individual images and need an appropriate software package to create the 360 Pano. I was under the impression that AP could handle/produce the 360 Panos before purchasing, etc. Now I am learning it is more of a great editing tool for an already created spherical (360) Pano Image... Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Hello everyone I'm a 360 photographer for 6 years, I tried different software to work with 360 photo that is specific, of curse for stitching the images there is no better than Kolor's Autopano Giga or Ptgui, you can't do the same wit photomerge, but let's talk after we stitch the photos, obviously we must do a little more post production on the photo that now is not rectilinear instead is call equirectangular projection a sphere convert on a flat surface 2:1 ratio or 360°x180° and we want to remove the tripod. In photoshop there is a plugin for extracting the nadir and zenith or in the newest version a 360 player like also I found that in affinity photo (main reason why i switch to affinity) I didn't try to do a little adjustments to se how affecting the edges of the photo, note that left and right side of the picture are connecting together and if the adjustments do some vignetting is a problem (I didn't try to adjust when using the spherical projection maby it works) And here comes the the problem or the sugestion I saw that the horizont can be manipulated but it's tricky to nail the straight line. I would like to use some guides to vertically align the photo that will be a a great feature. Now you must restitch the photo from beginning or Hugin software and that's the 4th software in line to use to process the photo before posting online, uhh... In next post I will talk about little planets.
  20. Newbie query... Does Affinity Photo for iPad work with 360 photos taken with Samsung Gear 360 (original model - 2016). When I tried opening the pictures, it was showing up as 2 images like in a binocular. And there was stick marks and other artefacts when I tried using the Equirectangular projection mode.
  21. I have the following laptop and notice when I use Photoshop's Spherical Panorama feature, my laptop's fan starts really working and gets slow. Here's the specs of my laptop: OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 MacBook Pro 13-in Mid 2014 3 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris 1536 MB 217.25 GB Free Flash Storage Space So I set out looking for Photoshop alternative so I can experiment with creating 360° illustrations / pano painting. Before purchasing Affinity Photo, can you tell me if my computer can handle it? Once you start 360 Live Editing, would I experience the same lag with your software as Photoshop has been doing to my laptop. I know it's an old laptop but I'd really like not to upgrade my laptop for this new hobby.
  22. I have searched to see if this topic has been addressed but I find nothing. So I read in manual, p. 376, that to edit a 360 image I should do the following: “With an equirectangular image layer selected, from the Layer menu, choose Live Projection>Equirectangular Projection.” The only place I find option to display my image in true 360 format is under the Commands menu in “Projections.” Where is the “Layer menu” referenced above? Clearly I am brand new to Affinity. Affinity Photo for iPad is my first experience with this product.
  23. Hello. Experienced Photoshop user here, but I saw an ad for Affinity Photo and nabbed it due, not only to its absolutely affordable price, but also it's apparently fantastic 360 Degree photo editing tools. I don't know if I've just been stuck in past versions of Photoshop and haven't seen any more recent versions to see its 360 degree offerings, but as far as I know, Photoshop doesn't have anything as neat an awesome as Equirectangular Live Projection ... which is pretty much exactly what I was looking for to help me remove, well, "me", out of my 360 Photos, as I use an inexpensive LG 360 Cam and generally place it on top of my head to try to get out of the way of the picture. Unfortunately, this creates another problem that I'm not entirely sure how to tackle (wrapping my head around Live Projection has taken me a bit). The result of me using my rounded dumb head as something to set my camera and, more specifically, it's long tripod pole on, is that I end up taking 360 degree photos where there subject matter is ... not level. Off-kilter. And I keep trying to think of how to fix it, but my brain is stuck in 2D Photoshop editing mode. I think to myself, "Free transform! Rotate!" ... but then I have to correct myself and think, "No no, this is a sphere. If I mess with one thing I'll mess with the seamless border of the entire image... So my question is, is there a way, whether in normal Equirectangular vision, or in Live Projection, to ... "tilt" the photosphere ever so slightly as to make the starting point of an image level? The image I am working with is here: as you can see, the building is leaning a bit to the right.
  24. Working with 360º images would be a lot easier if we could pan/tilt/roll the image seamlessly in the canvas.
  25. The 360º tools in Affinity are... magical. If you wanted to get totally insane, you should implement importing files from PTGUI or AutoPano, they've got a very deep toolset for aligning/warping/blending but there's nothing in those packages for cleanup. The current best way to work is to stitch in one of those packages and render out the results with each camera perspective either on its own layer or as a different image file. But that workflow bypasses the fantastic blending they do, so it's not great. If you were to import .pts or .pano we could do the alignment in the tools best suited for it and then use Affinity for cleanup and finalization.
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