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  1. Affinity, Do you guys have a video showcasing how to fill aky of a drone 360 Pano? I came across a video on YouTube that showcased this, but cannot find it, nor can I remember if it was an "Affinity" showcased Video Workflow or someone else. Due to the Zenith constraints of Drone 360 image capture, I need to fill the sky. Thank you.
  2. I have read somewhere that AP cannot create Spherical (360) panos, is this correct?? If so, what can software(s) can produce, handle/stitch, create Spherical (360) Panos?? I am using a drone to capture the individual images and need an appropriate software package to create the 360 Pano. I was under the impression that AP could handle/produce the 360 Panos before purchasing, etc. Now I am learning it is more of a great editing tool for an already created spherical (360) Pano Image... Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.