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  1. Thanks a lot. What a pity! I am definitely more of a Lightroom than a Photoshop user. Still - to me, just to be able to edit the nadir of a 360 image in equirectangular projection more than makes up for the price of the software! http://steinarnejensen.blogspot.no/
  2. It seems I can't do everything I want in Develop Persona (incl. dehaze) and recorded Macros doesn't allow Develop Persona sets to be included. So - would it, after all, be better to start to record every setting in Photo persona and then to continue to add filters etc. while still recording, in order to get as close to a "click one button" solution as possible? ... or am I right to assume that Affinity Photo maybe isn't a straightforward Lightroom replacement for making equal edits to large series of photos? http://steinarnejensen.blogspot.no/
  3. Thanks for your reply firstdefence. Am I right if I assume you have to make separate presets for white balance (your first screenshot), then similar presets for each other adjustment - or can I (this is what I am hoping for!) make a single preset that includes absolutely everything that has been done to the image, or even better - let me choose which edits to include in the preset? If yes to the last option, is there a video somewhere showing how to do it? Again, thanks a lot for your time and effort! Stein
  4. I have been a Lightroom user for several years, but since I now shoot more and more equirectangular 360 panoramas, I have found the software seriously limited. So, yesterday I bought Affinity Photo after seeing some of the great instructional videos on their Youtube channel. Many of my 360 images are part of virtual tours, which means a lot of images will require exactly the same edits. In Lightroom, I can synchronise the settings of selected images or copy the settings of the previously opened image to the next by the click of a button. Are there any similar functions in Affinity Photo? Thanks for taking time to read this! http://steinarnejensen.blogspot.no/
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