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"Straightening" a 360 Degree Photosphere?

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Hello. Experienced Photoshop user here, but I saw an ad for Affinity Photo and nabbed it due, not only to its absolutely affordable price, but also it's apparently fantastic 360 Degree photo editing tools. I don't know if I've just been stuck in past versions of Photoshop and haven't seen any more recent versions to see its 360 degree offerings, but as far as I know, Photoshop doesn't have anything as neat an awesome as Equirectangular Live Projection ... which is pretty much exactly what I was looking for to help me remove, well, "me", out of my 360 Photos, as I use an inexpensive LG 360 Cam and generally place it on top of my head to try to get out of the way of the picture.


Unfortunately, this creates another problem that I'm not entirely sure how to tackle (wrapping my head around Live Projection has taken me a bit). The result of me using my rounded dumb head as something to set my camera and, more specifically, it's long tripod pole on, is that I end up taking 360 degree photos where there subject matter is ... not level. Off-kilter. And I keep trying to think of how to fix it, but my brain is stuck in 2D Photoshop editing mode. I think to myself, "Free transform! Rotate!" ... but then I have to correct myself and think, "No no, this is a sphere. If I mess with one thing I'll mess with the seamless border of the entire image...


So my question is, is there a way, whether in normal Equirectangular vision, or in Live Projection, to ... "tilt" the photosphere ever so slightly as to make the starting point of an image level? The image I am working with is here: as you can see, the building is leaning a bit to the right.




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This tutorial about fixing panoramic distortions from the official Affinity Photo/Designer vimeo account will help.
you would stay out of the live projection mode and use the Mesh Warp tool and change its setting from Destination to source, then you bend and correct self set sections/parts of the image with the given curves.
the live projection mode is useful when you want to erase/replace traces of the tripod
or in your case the arms or to add items to the images etc.


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I have this same issue, using a Xiaomi 360 Sphere camera- still images frequently come out "tilted"- to where the horizon if not level in reference to the frame. Using Photoshop and the Fliexify-2 plugin, the image can be re-aligned without breaking the 360 boundries. For exampe:



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Yeah I think I've heard of Fliexify-2 before, and I even think I downloaded it, but I couldn't figure it out. Ultimately I sorta was hoping you know ... Affinity Photo being a competitor to Photoshop, they would institute some kind of function that would allow me to straighten 360 photos without having to resort to Photoshop again.

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