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  1. This mostly happens when I enter the equirectangular view and try to level the image using "Straighten" option in the Equirectangular Projection. However, I have noticed that even without doing anything, if I enter and the equirectangular view multiple times, the image gets soft.
  2. Here are a few examples. Please ignore the light and color differences. Specifically compare the letters visible in the image and you will notice the difference. Image #1.1: Before projection. Image #1.2: After projection. Image #2.1: Before projection. Image #2.2: After projection.
  3. ****Update**** The issue doesn't appear to be resolved completely even after disabling hardware acceleration. I have noticed the image softening again with my other Ryzen 5 3550H laptop.
  4. @Gabe Thank you. Its seems to be working fine after disabling hardware acceleration. Sorry for tagging staff members directly. Actually they responded on another post related to same issue and that's I requested for an update on the issue. This issue was a hurdle to me for my current work so wanted a quick resolution.
  5. @Lee D @Patrick Connor Do you have any update related to this issue? Is it being worked on or may be reported to developers. There are other apps in the market (PTGui) which do not have this issue. Please share your thoughts on this.
  6. @NotMyFault Thank you for doing the checkerboard test. Certainly proves that the issue still exists. Although, this should have been completely resolved. There is an application named PTGui which doesn't loose quality if the projection is changed, which is why I will now have to use that till the issue is fixed in Affinity Photo. Its really a deal breaker for me. The only main reason I preferred Affinity Photo over other softwares is that it supported 16-bit RAW files in equirectangular projection which Photoshop could not. Now when I know that using Equirectangular Projection, even just once also degrades the image quality, I would have to remove Affinity Photo from my workflow. 😓
  7. I have been trying to level/straighten a 360 panorama using the "Straighten" tool in "Live Projection" view. However, I have noticed that after I go into Live Projection view and use the Straighten tool, then exit the Live Projection view and save the image, it looks soft. The sharpness is reduced. This appears to be a major issue to me as I am not able to level my panoramas using Affinity Photo. The quality of photos should not be affected in this way. Files showing Before and After leveling results are attached for reference. Observe the "Bosch" logo on the oven to easily identify the issue. 1. Before Leveling/Straightening (Original Image) 1. After Leveling/Straightening (Softened Image)
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