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  1. thank you for the quick fix. I hope soon will be the healing brush problem resolved
  2. Hello, I'm not satisfied with the new version and I tried to instal the 1.6.5 version, the installation did perform great but it can't start the software giving me this bug. My complying is about healing brush in the newest version 1.7.1 and the plugin Landscape pro won't start, so I would rather downgrade instead of waiting. Somebody can help me?
  3. yes, it would be great, otherwise we must use another software hugin to do it
  4. Following. in the version 1.6.5 the healing brush worked very well, does anybody know how to download that older version?
  5. Hello everyone I'm a 360 photographer for 6 years, I tried different software to work with 360 photo that is specific, of curse for stitching the images there is no better than Kolor's Autopano Giga or Ptgui, you can't do the same wit photomerge, but let's talk after we stitch the photos, obviously we must do a little more post production on the photo that now is not rectilinear instead is call equirectangular projection a sphere convert on a flat surface 2:1 ratio or 360°x180° and we want to remove the tripod. In photoshop there is a plugin for extracting the nadir and zenith or in the newest version a 360 player like also I found that in affinity photo (main reason why i switch to affinity) I didn't try to do a little adjustments to se how affecting the edges of the photo, note that left and right side of the picture are connecting together and if the adjustments do some vignetting is a problem (I didn't try to adjust when using the spherical projection maby it works) And here comes the the problem or the sugestion I saw that the horizont can be manipulated but it's tricky to nail the straight line. I would like to use some guides to vertically align the photo that will be a a great feature. Now you must restitch the photo from beginning or Hugin software and that's the 4th software in line to use to process the photo before posting online, uhh... In next post I will talk about little planets.
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