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  1. Hi there! Yes, it is like @walt.farrell say. Linked images worked fine with embedding and editing, but files like another *.afpub files etc. will open, but not the linked file, only an embedded copy/preview? of the original file. It should not be so hard to fix. Thomas
  2. It's very nice to edit embedded files in Publisher with only a double-click or with clicking the "edit document" button. But if you do that with an linked file, it opens a embedded copy you editing... OK, so far so good. But if you edit the original-file, all changes will be overwritten. Please fix that bug, that the linked original file will open by double-click or editing. Tanks for your great software! Thomas
  3. Hi there, i'm so happy and can't wait for the final release! One little thing: Backgroundcolour transparency in text fields had still no percentage like other coloured fields! Kind regards, Thomas
  4. Publisher will be better and better and is absolutely already great. A little bug: Percentage in text-frame background color transparency is still missing.
  5. Ah, there is one more thing! Hawks solution works very well, but there is still a bug, because if i use the text frame panel and edit the background picture, i also can edit the transparency but there are no values!!! It's not precise and - of course - a no-go! Thanks, Thomas
  6. With the "Frame Text Tool" is is possible to add and change the background colour of the text, but not of the text frame! I think, that is a bug. If you would like to have a text frame with centered text (the easiest example: a bigger square with one letter) you have to: 1. create a frame 2. change the background of these frame (and add transparency if you want, that is a thing, Indesign can't directly) 3. use the Frame Text Tool to add a letter and align it After this it is no longer possible to edit the background of the frame. I think a look to Adobe Indesign and add a possibility to switch from textcolor/textoutline to frame backgroundcolor/outline. But - Affinity Publisher will be great :-) Thanks a lot! Thomas

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