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  1. I’m trying this right now. made a new document, made a horizontal and a vertical guide. they now appear as blue lines. when I tap and hold on either line, I get none of the options you mention. Guides are visible and unlocked.

    Designer 1.10.1, iPad OS 15.02

    when I tap and hold with either arrow, I see a blue dot, registering my tap and hold. when I release I get the standard Deselect - Copy - Cut - Paste, but none of these choices affects the guides.

    thank you!

  2. I want iPad OS Publisher as much as anyone.

    Until that great day happens, at least Designer has art boards and can therefore enable one significant piece of a page layout tool. 

    my sense is that the programmers want to deliver iPad Publisher just as much as we want them to.

    It’s hard to be patient because we want to have on iPad arguably the greatest creative workspace in all of computering: Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher. 

    I have no doubt it will happen. 

  3. I’m referring to the area around the artboards. the only option is blasting white. Ray-Bans country.

    Some either like to work in a darker setting, on darker art, and don’t need the blasting white throwing off their sense of light temperature and intensity while working on art.

    You need to zoom out; you don’t need zooming out to blast you with white LED light.

    Thank you

  4. With styles already applied, type often does not respond to changes made to its style sheet. Often seems to be taking its formatting from the Type pallet. This could be more robust. Any clues on how to improve.


    Note: I am unable to take a screen video of this misbehavior because I am working on sensitive, proprietary information for a client.

  5. OP here;

    The dialogue box took me to the correct spot straight away. It’s under Screen Recording in Big Sur. I wasn’t confused about the where and what of turning this thing off; my Wacom tablet software made a similar - and to me, weird - request. While I like being consulted on such things, some such requests give me the feeling I’m handing over the combination to the Safe, so to speak.

    I tried the feature - turned on the bit that allows Designer to record - sample - capture (pick your verb) and it works well; I can see great utility in this function.

    I’m going to take ownership of my initial reaction to the alert I received.

    It isn’t Serif’s fault which phrasing is used in that alert box. Anyone paying even glancing attention to the news knows that there is something of a war for privacy going on right now, with the average person being swept up in a wave of advancing technology and little to no say about how it’s used, and about how our information is used / misused.

    I am trusted by clients to safeguard their information. Just imagine a conversation going something like, “you allowed a software application to record your screen?”  < this is the kind of pressure placed by that ill-worded alert message. A person’s livelihood potentially on the line.

    I’m extremely comfortable using technology. I practice excellent security hygiene, and if anything that I let inside announces that it wants to “record my screen,” I will automatically be on alert.

    Life in 2021.

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