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  1. I have the now-latest version of Affinity Designer for iPad OS, and the latest iPad OS version.

    In my illustration, I just made a line, gave one end an arrowhead, duplicated that arrowed line, and now i can’t select it with either arrow tool; I need to select it in the Layer’s Studio, and with several items named “curve” it’s a bit trial-and-error-ish.

    Is there some reason, I can’t select an unlocked object on and unlocked layer beneath and unlocked parent layer using the object selection tool?

    Should I report this as a bug?

    Thank you!

  2. If a file in the "tiles" preview section of these apps has been Saved from the hamburger menu on each file, has that file been written to the Files app? 

    I'm about to reformat the iPad but before I do so, I need to make absolutely sure that I have all of my files backed up and can manupulate them individually on my back up on my Mac. I need file-level control; the "all or nothing" iTunes backup is inadequate for this goal.


    Before I zero out the iPad, I need to make certain that I have all of my files backed up in such a way that I have the files as individual files and not locked away in a mass iTunes back up.


    Thank you!


  3. File attached.

    I placed an image, gave it a stroke of 1pt. placed another, also gave 1pt stroke, but its stroke appears to be significantly larger than the other, 1-pt stroked placed image.

    Any clues as to why this is happening? I've messed with the settings of the second image, can't get it to have the same weight stroke despite what the numeric value for stroke says.

    Thank you for any clues!

    placed image stroke problem.afdesign

  4. So..here’s my experience with that on an M1 Mini with 8GB of RAM…

    I chose the option to Link, and was presented with a Dialogue box…I believe that I “pointed” Publisher to the parent folder where all of the sub-folders of images to be linked reside. Hit OK.

    Nothing visual happened*, so I assumed it was a fail. After some internal grousing, I decided to manually re-link the 60 images using Resource Manager, only to find that all of the images said, “Linked.”

    So, if I’m reading it correctly, the 60 images were de-embedded and linked in less than a blink of an eye.

    ”Gobsmacked” seems an appropriate word…


    *meaning, no visual feedback indicating success, failure, or progress

  5. I'm working in Mac Publisher on a document built in iPad Designer. I got a warning about having a lot of embedded images and would I like to save size by linking them instead. I OK'd that, thinking it would automagically know where all the pics are..

    I'm apprehensive that I'll have to do a brute-force 'manual' relinking of some 60 images - arranged in 5 or 6 sub-folders because that's how I wanted to group them.

    Embedded images bring along no information about their identity and location once embedded?


    Thank you for any wisdom on this.

  6. I created this star in the Designer persona of Publisher. I meant to apply the gradient but not any transparency. It's cool that you can do this with a gradient fill, but I don't see where the transparency was set!

    I'd appreciate if anyone can tell me..prbly one of those "if it was a snake it would have bit me" things.

    star with unwanted transparency.afpub

  7. in iPad Photo, I have Opened a PDF created on the same iPad in Pages. It’s a simple, 1-page PDF I created to learn what Photo can do with PDFs opened in it.

    In the screen capture, it shows an active object. I can change the. object’s fill color, but not its stroke. Granted, both Color circles in the color picker are circles, as opposed to a Circle (for Fill) and a Ring (for stroke).

    Is there a way to alter just the stroke? Thank you for any clues.


    stroke color not changing.png

  8. Ahh…that’s clear enough, yes. Thank you, Walt.

    My workflow in this case is this: I open PDFs often, not to edit them, but to create PNG from them for purposes of placing them in newsletters or other types of documents - which are then PDFd for distribution. If I want to edit PDFs, I have Acrobat Pro or whatever it’s called - I haven’t used Publisher for that purpose because client is Adobe-based (yeah..I know..) and I don’t want to have any manner of hitches or 3-eyed lizard babies. I bring Affinity tools into the mix because I greatly prefer them over their adobe counterparts, and if the end goal is raster, it seems harmless enough.

    Will have to re-visit on the Mac, but I’m pretty sure I’ve checked the option, words to the effect: favor fidelity over editability - consistent with the above-described use case.

    Thank you greatly for all of this..good learning experience.

  9. So…here’s the part that gets me..I’ve been under the impression that PDF - portable document format - meant that the end user need have only a PDF reader in order to open, view and enjoy all of the wonders of the original document PDF’d.

    Including fonts…that adobe had invented some technology that contained all the metrics of the fonts used in the document so that the PDF + Reader could properly draw them on the screen without the end user having the fonts used in the document’s creation on their device.

    This seems not the case. So, PDF…portable, with conditions?

  10. it’s beginning to feel as though the definition of a smart node is that it is a node that is smart. somewhat tautological…but maybe the smart node is a node that uses the “tension” of neighboring nodes to inform its own tension?

    There is something similar in the 3D modeling realm…the splines or nurbs or whatever, influence each other. Can help lend a more organic feel to the shapes you build.


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