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  1. This is the first thing I've attempted in Designer. It's bad. I don't know what I'm doing yet. I know. Okay, baby steps. So first thing I am wondering how to do is regarding where the body and wing meet on the right. Right between them is a hard edge. Both the body and wing are different layers. What are methods I can use to just soften the edge between the two? In a non-vector paint program I guess I'd just use a brush and blur that part with a soften tool. Should I somehow copy just that vertical curve (just that portion) into a different layer (but grab a few pixels on each side), then do a Gaussian blur on that layer? Or is there some way to copy just that area into a pixel layer, use pixel persona and then use the raster tools (blur) to blur the area? I'm talking above my knowledge and experience here, but if you point me in the right direction I'll research how to do it.
  2. Nice! I'm a huge Metroid fan as well (esp. Prime). Would be interested in seeing further iterations.
  3. I did purchase Affinity Designer with a normal (non gift card) a couple of days ago and it worked. But last night I checked and had a little over 16 dollars on a VISA gift card and thought why not just use it and start using it up. So, I was going to make a purchase of the Nature Brush pack which is on sale for 7.99 right now. It declined my purchase. Affinity isn't the only/first site I've had this sort of thing happen in the past. Not sure what the magic combination/requirements are for a card but apparently there's something it doesn't like. I was keying all the numbers in correctly (and tried several times). Yet in the past, after it's declined on one site, I can usually go to some other site (e.g. Amazon) and us it there. Anyway, I'm not asking for help here in this thread but pointing out that it doesn't always work (for whatever reason).
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