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  1. Thx, that sums it up nicely.. Also taking my '2' figures as an example, so all very clear. At this price, I think I will give it a go! Much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hello, After having bought Affinity Photo as a no-brainer .. used for photo retouching only I am thinking now about Affinity Designer.. for fun.. for private use only How big/long will the learning curve be? I am not in the trade.. Just use a few photo software as Lightroom, now Affinity Photo, tried Paint in the past, use Powerpoint at work for fancy slides (but not design as such).. 2 hours 2 days 2 months 2 years ?? Cheers Gaul
  3. Thx Carl Looks useful, hope it's not too complex for me;) Will give it a try! Hey, Nothing to loose.. It will finish on my mum and my parents in-law lounge.. no more lol
  4. Hello, In Affinity Photo Anybody here has experimented a quick & simple solution to add "snow effect" on my picture (New Year Postcard)? Thanks in advance! Cheers. Gaul
  5. Thx again R C-R Worked like a breeze following your instructions. Nice & easy 1st step with Affinity Photo for a beginner Cheers
  6. Thx for sharing Simon, much appreciated. Will check your books. Shame I missed on this great offer though. Take care.
  7. Hello R C-R Much appreciated, will give it a try and .. have fun with Affinity Photo! Will let you know how it works for me and my beginner skills.. Cheers. Gaul
  8. Hello On Affinity Photo, is there a way of adding a fun object on a portrait (here JPEG) as Glasses, Hat.. from a smartphone pic so quality is not essential.. just wanted Something very quick & easy.. that I could repeat on dozens of pictures Cheers Gaul
  9. Yup Was solved as soon as someone from the Serif / Affinity support connected and appreciate that Other posters tried to help but all jumped to a (wrong) conclusion (that it was only about changing language in Preferences)
  10. OPTION #3 Affinity team, I would recommend taking the best of these 2 DAM softwares and produce an all-in-one DAM + RAW converter (integrated with Affinity Photo): ACDSee Ultimate for its All-In-One aspect and managing images without importing them Adobe Lightroom as a standard in the market
  11. Issue now resolved thx to Stolberg from Tech support For others as virtually every PC user who wants to switch to a different language in Affinity than the one from Windows will experience this issue Fix is to be found in WINDOWS.. and not only via the simple Preferences menu for language in Affinity..
  12. Stokerg from Affinity Technical support Thx again for your quick, synthetic, accurate answer => ISSUE RESOLVED Pls see Screenshot below on exact same right part of the screen with issue resolved
  13. Thx Stokerg.. Nice to have a reply from Serif / Affinity technical support. Much appreciated. Yes, that looks exactly like the issue I am experiencing. Will test quickly and come back to you. Cheers
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