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  1. True. After re-reading my comment I realised it was completely misrepresenting my thoughts. In my head I was thinking, in relation to this threads discussion period. Obviously my brain was in the 🚾 with lawless fingers! "The inter-webs" strikes again. 😁-😶 I share your sentiment. I often find it frustrating that management never seem to share any development roadmapping or mud-map. Although having said that, there is a part of me that can empathise why they prefer not. I know I've quietly ached and lamented after this simple AD function since beginning to use it.
  2. Thanks for the workaround tip carl123 I really hope not. Chris, do you think it'll be planned for solving in any update release soon? Additionally, has there ever been management/dev discussion about including the Perspective live filter in Designer? It looks like it's been a hotly requested addition for 3-4 years in Designer.
  3. Not for me. The coloured rectangles were very consistent and persistent. Mine were permanently of all colours over most of the outer (unused) canvas.
  4. Wow, three years on and true vector perspective editing is still an 'AD back-burner' feature!.. Sorry if my quoting/response here is 'off-topic' from the OP (2018), although it's relevant considering the perspective filter is the post' original question/discussion. I experienced this yesterday and was about to post about it, then decided I was dealing with too many other business/Affinity issues regarding vectors/stroke/laser-file-printing. Then I stumbled on the last two pages of this post while searching for solutions to my other issues. I was using Designer/Win 10, and it
  5. Oh dear, I've realised I no longer have the ability to open our "Photo" files in AD 1.8.5 as that is version 1.9.2, and it has our businesses "release worth" of edited product shots saved in it. The "Open in Designer/Photo" is lost. I only realised this when I tried to use cross-compatibility for the only live distort -> perspective tool offered in Affinity, which is in Photo. Why, why why are there no text perspective distort tools in Designer? Argh. Please Serif, it's excellent that you had foresight to engineer great flexibility between the two/three apps, however that b
  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The reality is I have now given up considering moving past 1.8.5. Too much time wasted resetting custom interface data after every install, then test, fail, mental-breakdown, uninstall, reset! I'm VERY concerned this is going to have serious implications for our design process as we move forward with future work, and our regressive "locked-in" AD version as the ecosystem evolves. This may be true. However our only concern has been AD was at least 'workable'. It certainly wasn't flawless by any stretch! There were often bugs and time consuming wor
  7. Hi Team, There seems to be a problem in the way AD versions 1.9.0 through to 1.9.2 recognise and pass vector line information to our Trotec 'JobControl' print driver. The print/render will now produce a raster red line instead of a vector for files created in any version prior -> 1.8.5. If I redraw that very same line (then snap it to the existing path in 1.9.2 Beta for example) and print the file to JobControl, the line will print correctly. We have hundreds of files with complex cutting Artboards in them. As it stands we will have to recreate every red cut line from every shape
  8. Unfortunate?, no I'm not so sure. After my experience with a Trotec laser and the company's arrogant 'Air of Superiority', I'm afraid I wouldn't be inclined to recommend getting one either. Trotec are one of those company's who make things ridiculously inaccessible in attempt to bluff the customer at making the high price tag (remember it's a prestige 'subsiduary company' business model) more palatable. It has little to do with the actual price of their machine, although they will expel great effort to convince potential customers of just that; how you won't find anything in the cosmos as
  9. Hi Sean, Yes, It was happening with any file, object or artboard. However, I don't remember specifically trying a new, single object print though. But did save and open many different existing files to try and print from. They were all files that never had any printing issues previously. But you know what is now very interesting? I just tried printing from the Beta version again since completely removing the 1.9.0 and reinstalling 1.8.5, and now the Beta version seems to be printing to the laser print output without issue. How frustrating and confusing!
  10. Hi Sean, Thank you for your follow up. I can send the crash reports from Beta version, is that ok? Unfortunately I had to uninstall 1.9.0 and revert to 1.8.5 to keep working as we have a tight Easter deadline. I am guessing this probably removed the crach report file you would have wanted, sorry. But the Beta version was crashing just the same anyway. Our creative biz uses a Trotec Speedy 100 with JobControl software 11.1 and 11.2 (on two different computers). Both versions work the same in practice, it's simply that one computer has 11.1 which I usually output/print to, t
  11. Admins please note: The issue described above is different to the one in this 1.9.0 common issues post by Patrick under dot-point two. I need to make sure that is clear so as not to be overlooked.
  12. Hi Devs/Admin, Since udating to I am now experiencing crashes when printing any file using either above version. We use Designer for product creation and outputting to our lasers print spool for acrylic cutting. These crashes do occur for every print situation, not only from multiple artboard files as noted in the Beta fix changelog. Resaving/re-editing files do not help. Our business is currently at a stand-still as I made the foolish mistake of saving our current full creation using the latest 1.9.0 format. Now I cannot open it in 1.8.5. I could try and jump through m
  13. Apologies, just noticed I posted this on a MacOS thread. But may be worth mentioning this same thing is happening on Windows.
  14. Finding this SVG/EPS 'pixel' display default a pain here. Have also noticed strange things with changed graphic dimensions of re-imported SVG's. In addition, AD does random weird things when printing layout files to our laser print software. For example, every now and then it will 'print' a file to the spool with a stroke (cut line) massively thicker than set. This then makes the cutter completely ignore the line on the job material. I often need to export to an SVG then re-import into AD for the cut and engrave lines to render as intended. Having to reset the measurement default
  15. Thanks for clarifying and for adding it to the list.
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