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  1. Thank you. But, for example, I often need to crop many photographs to 6:4 ratio. Whether a ratio can be saved as a favourite or a default is not my concern. I would like to be able to select, say, 6:4 and then have it automatically applied at least during the one editing session.
  2. V1.7 Beta still does not remember Crop Tool settings or allow a favourite Crop Tool setting. Very disappointing. I have not bothered using V1.6.5 because of this omission, and will certainly not be using V1.7 (when it is released) unless this feature has been included. At present, using this product to crop a batch of photographs to, say, 6"x4" is an inefficient and time-wasting process. Ron Potter
  3. Each time the Crop Tool is selected, the Mode menu always opens with Unconstrained. If I am cropping a number of open photographs to, say, 6x4, I need to re-select the required ratio for each photograph. I would love to see a feature that allows the selected Crop Ratio to be remembered - each time another photograph is selected. I would also love to see the selected Crop Ratio to be remembered between each Affinity Photo session. Such a feature would significantly improve workflow when the same crop ratio is applied to a series of photographs.