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  1. Steve.leach

    Documents Tab Menu

    Not very easily. I need to process a few dozen pictures at a time, and rename them in numerical order, but not necessarily in the order they were taken. Hard to explain, but Serif PhotoPlus worked well by having the ability to select a picture into the work area to adjust then rename.
  2. Anybody have any news on reworking the Crop Tool?
  3. Serif PhotoPlus has a "Documents Tab Menu" where the images could be seen as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, and could be selected in a certain order for editing. Without it, I cannot use Affinity Photo. Any chance this will be added?
  4. Hey Ron, this one has been suggested a few times in the forum but I haven't seen anything from the developers on the Crop tool. I am in the same boat as you are in that I process over a hundred images a day, all to the same size (6x4 also) and having to keep selecting the required ratio is stopping me from using Affinity Photo. Also, the non-destructive cropping is a nuisance. Other than that I prefer Affinity Photo over Serif PhotoPlus 9, but I am staying with Serif until Affinity can improve the Crop tool. (I am really only writing all this in hopes that Affinity reads it!)
  5. With every new image you edit the Crop Mode reverts back to "Unconstrained". At least, could it not keep the Mode for the duration of the Affinity Photo session?
  6. Every time I use the Crop Tool it defaults to "Unconstrained". At least could it not keep my mode selection for the Time I have Affinity Photo open? Also, the destructive crop was very useful in Serif.
  7. Steve.leach

    Documents Tab Menu

    Thanks Walt - that helps, but it looks like I need to "Zoom to Fit" on each image to see it? Or am I missing something ...
  8. Serif PhotoPlus had a "Documents Tab Menu" at the bottom where you could dock all the images you are going to work with, and see them as thumbnails. With Affinity, I need to click on each image (whether they are docked or floating) to choose the one I am going to edit.
  9. Steve.leach

    Crop default

    And I third this! Also, having to crop the image after straightening is irritating. Serif had the option to "Destructive Crop" ... or am I missing something?
  10. With PhotoPlus X8 I could select Crop, and pull a corner of the image by pressing the ctrl key. With Affinity, I cannot seem to find that option, other than Mesh Warp. Is it still available somewhere? Also the lack of Destructive Crop is an irritant. * Found it - the Perspective Tool does it. *
  11. Since PhotoPlus had that option, I've been looking for it in Affinity also, but can't find it.

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