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  1. Wow, good spot! Thanks, but unfortunately I do need this feature with the brush tool, for quick (and smooth) sketching. Some observations after a quick play around in the AP trial: There is a slight issue with the 'constrain' implementation with the Pixel Tool: it's too keen to continue the previous line. Starting a stroke and *then* holding shift should just apply the constraint, but currently it will retroactively connect the previous stroke. (This happens up until you move the new stroke, meaning that to use the constraint feature on its own requires a very precise start to the stroke, which is not fun). Photoshop's implementation beats this. The 'alternate' draw mode on the Pixel tool would work great with the paint brush tool! The Ctrl key isn't currently used for the brush, so why not allow a quick erase? Damn, this make it even more frustrating that Serif can't quite pull this all together
  2. This missing feature is critical for me. I was loving the trial of Affinity Photo until I noticed this omission, and unfortunately for me it's a deal-breaker. Come on, Serif!
  3. Serif: This missing feature just cost you a sale. No the pen tool is not a substitute, and no the current 'shift-click-to-continue' functionality is not a substitute. It needs to work like Photoshop where you use the shift key to constrain a line with the paintbrush as you are painting it. I can't buy a Photoshop substitute that doesn't do this -- it's a shame.
  4. As I just posted in a similar thread, this missing feature has put this potential customer off buying Affinity Photo, and it's a shame because I was super-excited to have found an otherwise great alternative to Photoshop. To be clear, this needs to work like Photoshop whereby you can hold the shift key to constrain a painted line to be horizontal or vertical as you are painting it. And no the pen tool is not a valid substitute. And no the 'shift-click-to-continue-the-previous-line' functionality is also not a substitute.
  5. Just created an account here to say that for me this is a deal-breaker. It's heart-breaking because I've been playing with the AP trial for an hour or two and I was so excited to have finally found a package I could use like Photoshop (but without the subscription/ridiculous price) ... and then it tripped up on this simple feature of all things. That's pretty shocking. Serif: Seriously, this missing feature just lost you a sale from an otherwise keen customer :'( I'm off to look at Photoshop yearly subscription prices so that I can draw a horizontal line.