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  1. So how would you go about making a vertical or straight line in AP? This seems very basic in other programs. Maybe there is a different approach in AP? Sketchbook allows a ruler that constrains in any angle, snapping at right angles etc. Photoshop allows similar but not visual ruler...just vertical and hor plus angles (as I remember). Starting in a spot and then trying to line that up to be perfectly vertical and pressing shift hoping you got it pixel perfect is not doable... Hopefully this could be added in the future...
  2. I'm a Photoshop user, but have gotten irritated by the bogged down app for the last few years. I found this app and am loving it so far. Only used it for an hour but hey! I'm trying to use the brush tool with SHIFT to constrain in the hor. or vert. but that apparently is for drawing a straight line from the last point the brush was. This would be fine except to do a pure vert or hor is hard with this method. Is there a key or alternative way to draw a straight line with the brush tool? I know I could use a line tool.... *shrug* Thanks!

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