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  1. Adriano de Regino

    TGA and DDS Support

    Just emphasizing the importance of those features here.
  2. Bump, since those features are really decisive in many of workflows.
  3. This feature would be so much more useful if the "Replace image" button worked with many images at the same time.
  4. Is there and option to configure/turn off the "Ctrl+LMB+Drag" (duplicate selected and move) function? Since Ctrl is necessary for selecting stuff inside groups, I´m constantly holding it, and if I accidentally move something, it gets duplicated, sometimes because of the snap it duplicates and don't change place, so I´m unable to see it happened, after a wile there´s a lot of stuff duplicated in my project.
  5. Try rasterizing the layers going out-bounds.
  6. Adriano de Regino

    Zoom with wacom or without scroll wheel

    Thanks! those shortcuts really help, most I was already aware off. Another suggestion would be to have Cmd+5 as a zoom to 50%, there is no shortcut for it yet. Even though the keyboard shortcuts are great, zooming with the pen has its benefits "precision, speed, and intuitiveness" and the solution for zooming using the pen, still a bit of a draw back, having to press Space before Ctrl, since Ctrl is a modal shortcut for the hand tool, is super counter intuitive, and I cant get used with it. Don't want to complain here, I´m just offering a possibly helpful insight about the software UX. Thanks again v_kyr.
  7. Adriano de Regino

    Select all of specific objects

    Just´d like to emphasize that I´m also someone who would greatly appreciate this feature "select by type/attribute", and also filter the layer list by those parameters, but keeping groups listed as an option.
  8. Adriano de Regino

    Zoom with wacom or without scroll wheel

    Thanks c_kyr, its just I don't like to take my hand of the keyboard, so I´v disabled touch, even so I could use it with the pen hand, I didn't adapted to it.
  9. Adriano de Regino

    Zoom with wacom or without scroll wheel

    lol, I´m pretty old too my dear. Thanks a lot for the tip! it solved my issue! Now I can gladly press SPACE+Ctrl+LMB and zoom my projects. The only draw back is that you need to press "space" before pressing "Ctrl", for it to work.
  10. Adriano de Regino

    Zoom with wacom or without scroll wheel

    Thanks Toltec, its an idea! But for this to work one must beforehand select the "z" tool for zooming, the idea was to zoom without changing the current tool, using only modifier keys. If there is no way for that, this could surely be a feature suggestion.
  11. Adriano de Regino

    Zoom with wacom or without scroll wheel

    Well, my wacom doesn't have a circular scroll wheel, nor a linear one like in intuos 3, its a simple bamboo. The only way to handle zoom with it, is if it where possible to zoom using the LMB, MMB or RMB, by clicking them. So, if the software haven't a way of zooming with the click of those buttons, my hands are tied with the wacom settings. Thanks for the suggestion V_kyr
  12. Hi, I´m new here, and I´m trying to adapt from my preview workflow, but there´s a few things I´m missing, one of them being the Crop tool, when we select it, it by defaut selects the hole canvas, but it would be amazing if it could encompass the bounds of the current selection, like PS. To exemplify. How it is now: Press "C" the crop tool becomes active selecting for the cropping the hole canvas. How I suggest: Press "C" the crop tool becomes active selecting a bounding box around the selected region. Thanks, and hope this simple diference comes to light some day.
  13. Hi, I´m new here, and right now trying to adapt my workflow from PS to Afiniti Photo, and being a wacom user, I´m missing a way to zoom without the scroll wheel, "but yet using the pen", in PS we can use Ctrl+Alt+MMB, same with 3DsMax, and this allows for zooming without scroll or Ctrl + "+/-". Is there a way to configure Affinity Photo to work as such? Thanks.
  14. Adriano de Regino

    Export to .BMP

    Well, I´m also in need of a export for BMP, since automation softwares from Schneider Electric "PSO, PME" and others minor softwares we use here only accept BMP, although some of them also use .jpg, or .png, there are some stupid drawbacks, like the picture being imported without the correct size, or it won´t be compatible with some features. It´s something that seems to be so simple, the devs could consider the bunch of posts before mine and give some love to this.