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  1. I fattened insect legs. Fortunately, I drew the legs on a separate curve from the insect's body. Here is before and after, although it looks like the after image is first.
  2. I'd like to see an "expand curve" function that does not require me to (tediously) delete the inner curve of a stroke.
  3. Thank you everyone! The bug is that AD does sometimes "expand" strokes on curves that do not have strokes. It appears to use the stroke width set for the curve, even though the stroke itself is set to none. And sometimes "expanding" the stroke on a curve without a stroke does nothing. That's inconsistent behavior and what was inclining me to think I didn't understand something. My challenge is that I'm not using strokes on any of my curves. Maybe I should.
  4. Ah, I think I figured it out. I think the problem is that it's buggy when you do an expand stroke on a curve that has no stroke set. When I set a stroke and expand, it roughly creates a curve to encompass the previously-drawn stroke. That's not quite the behavior I'm looking for. I want to expand my curve. I guess I can accomplish this by deleting the inner curve of the expanded stroke.
  5. I have played with "expand stroke" in AD, opened help, searched google, and searched the forums, but I have found no description of "expand stroke." In the forums everyone's talking about imprecisions in the expansion. I can't find a user manual. I have curves that are filled with a color and have no stroke. When I "expand stroke" on one of these curves, I sometimes get a new curve in a new layer having an inside border and an outside border. When I fill this new curve with a color, the area between the two borders fills. How do I control the width of these fill space? It just seemed to pick a width at random. In attempting to experiment with "expand stroke," I deleted the layer that was created, clicked on the original curve that I wanted expand, and clicked "expand stroke" again. Nothing happened this time around. No new curve. I clearly don't understand this feature. Can someone point me to an explanation, please? Thanks! (I have drawn insect legs but decided that I made them too thin. I just want to fatten them up a bit. Resizing doesn't change leg proportions.)
  6. That's a neat trick! Experimenting with it now, I find it a bit frustrating. I have to wait a second between toggling or else AP seems to think I'm double-pressing. I'm usually focused on what the image looks like when toggling preview on and off in PS, not also making sure I wait a second before toggling. I'll keep playing with it, but because I'm not inclined to wait a second between toggles, it's more like randomly changing the opacity or not.
  7. Yeah. I'm now thinking this is even better than PS! I can selectively undo prior adjustments! Woo! Thank you both for your help!
  8. Okay, I can commit the adjustment and then show/hide it and then double-click on it to make changes if I want.
  9. Okay, I'm still a little frustrated. I want to determine whether to apply an adjustment. I'm used to comparing the unadjusted photo to the adjusted photo to make a decision about whether I want the adjustment. PS had a "preview" checkbox for toggling whether the adjustment shows. I could click and unclick it to compare before and after. Is there a convenient way to do this in AP? Thanks! (Yes, that panel, thanks.)
  10. There is a panel called adjustments. There are tools under it like B&W, Brightness/Contrast, etc. As far as I can tell, these adjustments do not provide a preview. They instead modify the image live. Yes, adjustments are layers, so I can easily undo them or delete a layer. But my process looks like this: Select and adjustment. Fidget with adjustment. Can't get the effect I want, so close the adjustment. Either Cmd-Z to undo the adjustment, or if I forget to do that, later find the adjustment layer and delete it. Compare this process with the one I'm used to in PS: Select and adjustment. Fidget with adjustment. Can't get the effect I want, so close the adjustment. In PS, there's nothing to remember to undo if I haven't explicitly accepted the adjustment. It's just more work, and a bit annoying because I frequently forget to undo prior adjustments. Is there a better process than the above? Thanks!
  11. I'm working with a photo, trying to figure out how to fix things. I don't really know what adjustments are going to work. Every time I experiment with an adjustment, I have to undo it to restore the photo to the prior state before trying something else. Sometimes I forget. I guess I'm used to the PS way of previewing before committing. Is there any way to do that in AP, or do I have to explicitly undo every thing I try? Thanks!
  12. jtlapp

    Global color RGB ≠ rendered RGB

    Drats. I never noticed your response. Sampling my designs right now, I can't find one that had the problem. How do I turn on email notifications for this forum so I don't miss responses in the future? Do I have to do it per post with the checkbox at the bottom-left of the editor? Thanks!
  13. I think I'm here for the same reason. I have trouble clicking on presets in adjustments. Experimenting seems to have revealed the problem: presets are especially sensitive to mouse movement. If I carefully arrange to only press the mouse button while making sure the mouse doesn't move, the adjustment always takes. But this is a pain, because I don't always remember to take such care. (Photo 1.6.7 on Mac)