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  1. Hello, just discovered a bug when trying to use the quick selection tool to select a uniformly colored background. If I start with the selection at the top left, the tool does not recognize the edge of the object and selects it even though I do not even touch the object. Interestingly, in the attached video it looks like I'm touching the object, but on the screen itself, I'm almost a full brush tip width away from the object. If I start the selection elsewhere, the quick selection tool will do the job right. Desktop_2021_02.08_-_01_13_42_05.mp4
  2. Hello, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts in all of them yourself. I have adapted my abbreviations myself to those of Adobe. Or do you mean something else!
  3. I am also missing these functions for deforming vectors and I would be really happy if these are soon available in Designer.
  4. I find the new function "New brush from selection" really good. Especially the way that you don't have to create a png file first to create a brush is exactly the same as I know it in other programmes. It would be really great if you could create the other brush types (pixel and vector) in the same way. That way, the somewhat annoying way with the png file would be omitted and you can create your new brushes faster. Maybe you could also create real vector brushes this way.
  5. Even though it's a bit inconvenient, I also use Photo in parallel to make my distortions. If you use the live filters and then return to Designer via the editing path, the vector graphics remain and you can even use the perspective filter again in Designer without having to switch back to Photo. I have tried this several times now and it works. But unfortunately, the graphics are later converted to bitmaps when they are output. Unfortunately, that is not so nice. I'm curious whether the perspectives and distortion tools will be added to Designer in the next major update. Deskto
  6. Hello, would it be possible to maybe add the live filters that you have in Affinity Photo also in Designer? Would love to be able to use effect filters in Designer without having to constantly switch back and forth between Designer and Photo, plus save time desgining.
  7. Hello, would it perhaps be possible to insert the Mash Wrap Tool also as a live filter, as it was also done with Liquify and the Perspectives Tool? Would be great, because I want to be able to use it to deform my texts without it being converted to pixels and I can replace the text later.
  8. Thanks for the new update for fixing some bugs in Designer. Are also a few helpful, new features added, these I like. But unfortunately some of the long existing bugs are still not fixed. I keep reading that this problem is being passed on and that they are working on a solution, but so far there is no sign that they have addressed these issues. Bugs and problems that have only arisen since the last update have been fixed after a short time. Errors and problems that have existed for several years and have been reported very frequently have still not been fixed. These include,
  9. The problem with the vector brushes occurs at the moment when you use the function of beginning and end limit in the settings of the individual brushes. So it happens that a too short stroke cannot underline the two ends. That is, if you use this function in the brushes to not distort the two ends, you will automatically be limited in the stroke length. As soon as you remove these two limitations in the settings of the brush, the error is gone on the one hand, but unfortunately the complete stroke is then distorted or repeated. Almost all of the brushes included in the program have these l
  10. I can understand some who are not quite so satisfied with the current programs because they have very high expectations and are looking for an alternative to Illustrator and Corel, because they want to escape the subscriptions and the ever higher costs. Who does not want that. But many are not aware of how complex it is to develop a program and that it takes a lot of time until a new function has been developed and programmed and it then works perfectly. Which probably many do not know either because they may not know the beginnings of the competitor programs and see the current versions
  11. I also addressed this topic with regard to real vector brushes and even added some videos of how I create them in Illustrator and what variants there are, because real vector brushes are very important to me too. Especially because of their flexibility in terms of scaling without loss of quality. In addition, you could then perhaps convert these contours into objects using the Convert command. You would then no longer have any problems with the distortion when drawing tight curves, for example if you wanted to use a star or another object as a brush. These are currently being distorted
  12. Here is an example, which refers to the point 3 concerning text. Here, unfortunately, I had to convert the text to paths so that I could create such an effect with contours. But I would like to be able to apply such a creative effect to editable texts, so that I can correct or change them later if necessary. This is possible in AI and would be an additional possibility for design and use in Designer.
  13. I am also very happy with the concept of the Affinity Programs. And I can also understand that with a smaller team of programming you can't expect to get a whole bunch of new functions with every update. Especially at the moment, when several viruses are turning everything upside down. I also report one or the other problem and make suggestions as to what could be improved or functions that can make work easier and save time and which I would like to have in the programs. But I don't need a clone of the other programs, because I find that they have far too many functions, some of t
  14. It had only been a suggestion. I just see constantly in the forum that one finds more and more frustrated users, which some topics, these partly already exist for some years, again and again to address, but until Today still no solution was found and thus users think that one does not take care of this matter or they only put off. Sure, I don't really know anything about programming, and so I don't want to cause trouble, but it is very depressing to read what some people write here in the forum and how they feel, because many things have not yet been fixed, changed or added.
  15. I think that it would be helpful if the developers would start a survey for each program, in which they list a list of functions, tools and problems that are mentioned here in the forum, on which they are perhaps already working or should be added in the near future. I would limit the poll to about a month. Then each user would have the opportunity to choose ten of them for each program and tell them which he / she would like to see until about the next updates of the programs. This would give the developers an overview of which priority which function, tool or bug fix is first with
  16. Well, I agree that there are still some tools and features that one would like to see in AD. You can see it in the forum in heaps. But there are also features that already exist in AD, but do not yet work properly or even should be improved. Nevertheless, I would not be averse if there would be a vector eraser and a cutting tool. In addition, there should also be a way that you can choose whether objects that you crop or erase automatically remain closed or open. Also creating real vector brushes would be very useful to be able to convert them back to objects later, as I know it
  17. Hello Affinity Team, just tried the Divide function again to see when the problems with the objects not being divided correctly anymore starts. Found that with only two overlapping objects the problem does not occur, but only when you use more than two objects. at that moment the problems start and miscalculations occur with the division. In addition, every now and then another problem occurs, that when I work completely with my graphic tablets and execute the function, that instead of a division suddenly a duplicate is created from the top object and this gets the color of the
  18. Hello all, I would like to have the possibility to edit the created styles afterwards, so that I can change and deactivate the settings stored in them individually. In addition, I would also like to be able to create styles where I can save only the outline, the surface, the individual effects, and then transfer only this style to another object without removing all other properties. If this is not possible, I would have this possibility in an additional tool, like the eyedropper. I know this possibility from the Adobe products, where I can use the eyedropper to transfer the pro
  19. Hello all, I would like to make a few improvements and changes to the Appearance window, which are very helpful in Designer and Publisher and provide more options. 1. i would like to have the possibility to apply the effects, which are available as layer effects, also for contours and surfaces. I would also like to be able to set the Overprint function separately for contours and areas, so that I have better control when I want to create graphics and layouts for the print area. This is a very important function to achieve certain results and effects. Currently, overprinting is o
  20. Hello all, I would like to make a few improvements and changes to the Swatches window when creating and editing colors. I noticed a long time ago that to create spot colors and global colors, you can only access these settings when you create them. I think it would make more sense to have the settings for Global Color, Spot Color and Overprint not only when creating a color, but to find these settings under Edit Color, in order to be able to subsequently set the already existing colors with these properties. This is how I know it from Adobe Illustrator and other graphics program
  21. Unfortunately this is not possible. Have addressed this topic before as this is a function that is also very important to me. I, too, have long wanted the separation preview in all three programs, because I also need this function for checking. The only way you can currently have is to open the file in Affinity Photo and see the preview of the individual color channels there. Unfortunately I was not able to see real colors like this.
  22. Hello all, I created this illustration entirely in Designer. Have a nice 4th Advent.
  23. Hi, In Designer, you can add several contours and surfaces via the Appearance panel. I also know this function from Adobe Illustrator, but I have to say that Illustrator offers many more options in terms of settings than Designer. Above all, I find it really bad that you can only add additional contours to objects and not to editable text, as is the case in Illustrator. When I look at the video from Corel, the function is actually similar to Illustrator, except that you use a tool there. And I agree, if such a tool is already added in Designer, it should be possible to use it in a
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