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  1. I'm not good at English ,but I don't mean shortcut keys. _____________________________________________ Selecting Brush Tool (W): Selecting the Brush Tool (W) 。Selected bias.so I cannot accurately select the content I want, and there will be deviation. need to adjust the selection several times. Photoshop, can pick out what you want all at once. Not as good as the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop. reverse selection(Command + Shift + I): Selecting the shape, reverse selection, is not what I want As shown in the figure, I selected the shape in the figure, and the reve
  2. clipping mask (shortcut Alt) ; reverse selection (Command + Shift + I) ;Selecting Brush Tool;Need to be better Please update as soon as possible. thank you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ clipping mask: ①There is no need to think about photoshop operation. The clipped layer above will be restricted by the original layer below. If I use affinity designer, I need to think about which layer to drag into which layer. I really don't want a software to make people think. ②After
  3. “图层剪切”这个功能,不好用。使用频率又很高。很无奈。 ①ps和sketch使用“图层剪切”功能后,原始图层和被剪切图层都存在的,而affinity designer,只留下了被剪切的部分。但是使用过程中,总是需要留下两个图层,原始图层作为底层。这一点非常重要!!!!😭 ②ps操作时,完全不用思考。上方被剪切图层会被下方原始图层限制住。如果我用affinity designer,就需要思考该用哪个图层拖入哪个图层。真的很不希望一个软件让人思考。这一点非常重要!!!!!!😭 ③使用“图层剪切”后,无法对原始图层,单独选中调整。 这一点sketch很好用,直接选中图层进行修改操作。 ④使用“图层剪切”后,图层面板关于它的显示不够清晰。 例如ps或sketch,被剪切图层位于原始图层上方,用箭头表示,看起来更清晰。 ⑤ps有alt快捷键。sketch上方工具栏有快捷按钮。 这个功能非常重要。请尽快更新,谢谢。
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