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  1. Cha-ching!!! I gotta say, I'm loving Affinity...scary to be in the dark with totally new product but...loving it! Thanks @Gabe
  2. I have just purchased Affinity Designer and am trying to find how I can select an area of an existing image by it colour, like the Magic Wand tool in GIMP or I believe the Flood Tool in Affinity Photo. Basically I am creating a new button image. I have another image that has an arrow design that is all white on a green background so want to select the outline of the arrow, make it smooth then use it to colour fill the arrow shape on my new image. I've searched the help but as the terminology of controls etc is different in Affinity I'm drawing a blank...
  3. Just purchased Affinity Designer today and have started the beginners tutorials, am loving it
  4. Thanks, been hunting around, looking at videos etc and decided Designer was for me so just bought it...now the fun begins :-) Hello Affinity Designer.....goodbye GIMP
  5. Ponders! Should I be using Affinity Designer rather than Photo?
  6. Thanks MEB Ok so am having a hell of a job to get a smooth round button with shadow and an arrow inside it. This seemed so easy to do in GIMP and although Affinity is a cool looking tool just trying this basic setup to see if it is the right tool is painful See the attached how the edges are not smooth. I use the flood tool to select the area, then select pen tool, convert to smooth, new layer, then colour fill?
  7. Hi, having migrated to Windows 10 after 10 years on Mac OS I find my tool of choice GIMP does not look or operate great on my 4K display so went in search of a Photoshop-GIMP alternative and found Affinity as review say as good as Photoshop. So I have started my 10 day trial as I don't want to fork out £50 on something that wont help me do what I need. All looks good, nice interface but....where is the Paths view? I regularly use the colour/flood tool to select an area then switch to Paths and do selection to path and vice versa, but I can't find this in Affinity....help someone please? Thanks in advance

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