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  1. Same, maybe this will be fixed in the future, which I really hope, I just would like to use Designer but for this reason…… like many others ui designers… I can’t. Design of layouts turns into a nightmare, constantly something needs to be moved or corrected so that later it would be possible to make slices without problems, this all eats up too much time … and the worst thing is that this story lasts from 2016! Omg
  2. I have been suffering with this problem for a whole year, and it still has not been fixed, it's terrible, why does the affinity team not pay attention to it? because this is an important aspect for ui designers…… This is very annoying, and in fact I just stopped making layouts in affinity because of this, this is nonsense, I hope this will be fixed sometime and I will be able to easily design my screens design on the iPad, all my friends designers swear on this bug, I don’t understand why Serif/Designer team scare away such a large audience?
  3. Some last work made in Affinity Designer iPad, this icons for mobile application.
  4. I have an ipad 12 .9 and I like the size of the icons that are used AD now
  5. Yes, Multiple gradient + adjustment layer, I tested.
  6. Ah, with this function I had not time to get acquainted, then everything is much simpler than conflict causes when you use multiple bg + adjustment layer. Until this problem is solved, you need to avoid these combinations 1-4.afdesign
  7. Where did this gradient come from? it is impossible to turn it off/remove, it is strange.... it is not even transparency.
  8. Same problem, when you work with several artboards and add vertical guides, they do not appear on the working artboard as well as you cannot move them. This is a big problem for interface designers.
  9. Hi, if I’m copy any item/shape/img etc. with a symbols binding and paste it to other document AD crashes. Example in attachment video. RPReplay_Final1560869313.MP4
  10. Hi, the conflict caused the adjustment layer, I think you exported the image from another program because the astronaut's contains a fill that the affinity designer does not see and cannot disable it, because of this there was a conflict, I corrected your image with fx, I hope the affinity team study this problem. Regards 1-2.
  11. Hi, when I try to export my own set of icons application just crashing, I tried this with different sets created by me and they all caused a crash app. Example in attached video. RPReplay_Final1560856645.MP4
  12. The problem is that in version 1.7 it is impossible to set a corner radius greater than 50px, this function is very important to me and it is buggy, an example in the attached video. I hope to fix the problem as soon as possible. RPReplay_Final1560856603.MP4
  13. Please add the ability to slice files in sizes 1.5x and 4x since the ipad does not have the ability to prepare a complete set of files for Android interfaces, it is very important for interface designers, in the screenshot I showed the idea how it could work, as well as the ability to create your own size, thank you very much for your attention and I hope you will add this very important update for ui designers.
  14. The same question is the only thing that keeps me from switching to Affinity, since many customers use PS =( Do you have approximate dates? or version number. Thx
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