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  1. Good day. Tell me if the program has the ability to create motion tweens? That is, create an animated video?
  2. And also, maybe you know how to select several objects in a Designer by a single property. Color, line thickness and TP. In Illustrator, this is done in a couple of clicks, but here I have not found a similar function.
  3. Did the program crash because of this multiple gradient?
  4. The function of multiple overlay background and stroke. Very cool stuff. As in the illustrator.
  5. Not. Everything is done completely in Designer. He cannot export his own effects.
  6. So someone from moderators will answer me? I have been waiting for an answer almost a day! I got a job. Now I don’t know if it is necessary to do further work in Designer, or to switch to Illustrator again!
  7. When you try to export to svg, eps or pdf, the program crashes. Both on the ipad and on the macbook pro. Mojave. Help solve this problem. I attach the file that I export. 1.afdesign
  8. No, everything was done on a Mac. But I couldn’t manage to export with editable fills. Can you record a video of the process with settings on my file? I will attach the original file. And one more important question to which you did not answer: how to merge the adjustment layer with the layer to which the effect is applied? Halloween.afdesign
  9. I followed your advice, tried to open exported from Designer EPS to Designer. The picture is even sadder. Objects are not only rasterized, but also cut into pieces. So he initially does the wrong EPS. I followed your advice, tried to open exported from Designer EPS to Designer. The picture is even sadder. Objects are not only rasterized, but also cut into pieces. So he initially does the wrong EPS. I didn’t quite understand how you managed to export the correct EPS from my file, so that you could open everything in its original form in Designer.
  10. If so, then this is a problem, as I have to refine some things in Illustarator. For example, delete unnecessary points on objects, since when they are converted to EPS, there are a lot of them. Also, there are installed scripts to automate the preparation for microstocks. And in general there are a lot of things that I have not yet found in Designer. For example, such an important function as disassembling an object into a fill and stroke using the effect imposed on it. You now have effects applied as a correction layer. But I did not understand how then to merge this layer with the one to whi
  11. When such necessary functions appear in the Designer, like object trace, free transform and expand appearance in illustrator? They are very lacking. What is now does not break an object with a superimposed effect on just an object, without an effects layer, but with its properties. And it is very necessary to distort objects freely, and not just vertically or horizontally. It would be great to have a feature like vanising point, as in Illustrator or Photoshop.
  12. After export, all gradients became raster inside the vector mask. But this is not what I needed. I do not need raster objects inside the file. Attached EPS for an example of the result. Halloween.eps
  13. Yes, I use Illustrator. For me it was the main program for creating a vector. But with the transition to IPad, I decided to start working at Designer. And then the problems started. When exporting, I set a level 3. Version I have a designer 1.6.1.
  14. Hi, so will there be some solution to my question? Or Disaner is not suitable for working with microstocks?
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