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  1. @Gabe I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty sure I can open a .afpub file with Designer, so I'll give it a try. But I might just create a new doc to ensure the file isn't corrupt (in some way), and check my results.

    @PaulEC I've looked through the printer driver settings, and there _is_ an "orientation" setting which determines if it's printed portrait or landscape, but I've always left on "automatic". I'm pretty sure that changing that would print the doc rotated 90º, not 180º. There is also a "layout" setting with "layout direction", but that has to do with n-up printing, so doubting it'd affect it. Good call, though!

  2. It only occurs when I change my paper to a custom paper size (I created), which is the dimensions of a US "business envelope".

    I only print a single envelope at a time. If it's printed incorrectly, I try printing it again with a new envelope. The orientation can print the same (incorrect) way three times in a row, and then rotate 180º with me changing nothing, and I can't figure out why.

    I'm using a Canon G5020, which means I'm putting the envelope in the "rear tray", which is a manual process. I thought it was tied to the "feed from" setting in the OS X print dialog (auto/main/rear), but that's proven not to be a factor.

    I haven't done extensive testing, but happy to give it a shot if there's a way to narrow it down.

  3. Let me reframe/restate the issue in a similar context that might help clarify:

    When I print a portrait document, the page is always printed from top to bottom, meaning, the top of the page comes out of the printer first, and the bottom last.

    With a landscape document, normally, the left side of the document is printed first, i.e., it comes out of the printer first, and then across to the right.

    That's not happening with the envelopes. Yes, I always put the envelope in the exact same way, and with other programs (e.g., Apple Pages) it's printed with the left side of the landscape document first. That ensures the flap and the return address are both on the "top" when you're looking at the envelope.

    But with AP, sometimes the app prints it so the right side of the landscape doc is printed first, meaning, it's rotated 180º, resulting in the return address being printed on the bottom of the front face of the envelope.

    I hope that helps to clarify the problem. If not, I can add some pics.

  4. I'm experiencing a very frustrating issue with Publisher. 

    I've created a custom paper size for a business envelope. When I select it and print, sometimes the envelop is printed as depicted in the preview, that is, it's printed from right to left. Other times, and randomly, it's printed the reverse: from left to right. 

    Functionally this means when I put the envelope in and print, there's a 50/50 chance the printed text will match the envelope's flap… or not.

    Is there something I'm missing? Is there a setting to ensure which direction AP always uses?

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