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  1. Seeing the same thing! 15" MacBook Pro 2016 - MacOS 10.15.7, Catalina. I'm on the 1.9.0 release (but the version on the login screen shows 1.9.5 btw). Added a screenshot showing the tiny buttons there.
  2. ok. i can reliably repro this issue - "CMD+C" gives an instant crash. If I went into the file menu and hit Edit -> Copy - that works fine without a crash. I use "Paste" clipboard manager. If I quit that app entirely, the crash goes away. Reading what is above in this thread - it appears to be the same crash above with a different specific helper tool. I have an example file which repro's this behavior - as well as the crash stack if you need it. It has an embeded image in the document which also seems to be a common denominator. I can also verify that this still crashes the AD Beta ( - didn't grab the crash stack on the regular app, but I did get the one off the beta - and it's essentially the same. AD Crash on CMD+C with embedded doc.rtf I can do all things, banner image, small.afdesign
  3. can verify I'm seeing this on both iPad Pro 9.7" and iPad Pro 12.9" (1st Gen) - Both iOS 11.4
  4. @jdpappadeas - I think what you're missing there is just adding the "combine" operation is not necessary. Just arrange the shapes - draw a rectangle over them - (don't have to worry about combining them or filling all - just fill the rectangle) - Then Select all the shapes including the rectangle and click: Divide. You should have it divided into it's constituent pieces - all filled red. I'd suggest trying it with a simpler shape so there aren't so many variables as to your expectations. AD can handle very complex shapes, but it can be confusing for us to sort out what our expected result is if there are too many intersections etc. If you'd like - I can attach an example with my results (they are very similar to the video - but I think AD is stronger with it's boolean operations). Inkscape is looking much better than the last time I used it for sure too! goldenCircleExample2.afdesign the dartboards go from #1 - overlapping circles similar to what was shown in the video to #6 - showing the finished, cleaned up result. there were more artifacts in the process than I'd like, but the Divide command did work successfully for me.
  5. These are SO helpful! Thank you team! One suggestion - I appreciate that they were shot in 4k - but would it be possible to set them to default play in 1080p (and then allow users to select a higher resolution if they want it)? If I just play them as they come on either my Mac or iPad - I run into a lot of buffering (even with a 50meg internet connection).
  6. Just purchased your course and I'm excited to get Started!!! :):)
  7. Hi All, I'm Joe Carter, a Graphic Designer from Spokane, WA. I've used graphic software since 1991 - starting with Freehand and a little bit if Illustrator. I've been out of the Graphic Design field for almost 15 years and kept trying free software and trials to figure out what I wanted to use. Today I took the plunge and bought Affinity Designer! I love this software and am excited to see what comes with the whole Affinity Suite! Currently Beta testing AD and AP as well. Thanks developers for being so responsive to your customers!
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