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  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I wanted to request a new app. There are plenty of photo retouching tools for iPhone but nothing can match the object removal capabilities of the inpainting brush in AP for iPad, which it literally like magic, and way better than the context aware tool in Photoshop. I would LOVE a iPhone app that could remove objects quickly while I'm on the move and want to post something to Facebook or instagram. I've tried a few but they are all so primitive compared to Affinity Photo. So how about an Affinity Photo 'mini' for iPhone? You could put filters and adjustments in as well, but to be honest there are hundreds of iPhone apps that already do that really well. The inpainting brush would be killer though. Maybe call it Affinity Photo Cleaner or something?
  2. Hi GrinningShark Just wanted to say thanks for sorting that problem. It was happening to me too and your solution fixed it :-)
  3. Brilliant. Thanks GabrielM. That totally solved the problem :-)
  4. OK, hang on I've just tried a couple of things, and .afdesign files only open in Affinity Photo if they are in the iCloud Drive folder (which unfortunately is where all my AD files are, so that they are easily sharable with AD for iPad. They DO open in Designer if they are ANYWHERE else (on my hard drive, in Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) So this seems to be a very specific issue.
  5. Every time I double click on a .afdesign file it automatically opens in Affinity Photo instead of Affinity Designer. I've tried going to 'Get info' and changing the default application for this type of file, and although Affinity Designer is in the list, it won't let me select it, and it switches back to Affinity Photo. All .afphoto files open in Affinity Photo, and .afpub files open in Affinity Publisher Beta. The problem is only with Designer files. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.6.1 and Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on MacOS High Sierra.