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  1. I think this is a very useful idea. There's a feature in Quark which gives similar results but the Wrapping Tab would be easier...
  2. I use the similar feature in Quark and this would be a useful addition to Publisher (when the guys get around to it).
  3. To use picas simply times the number of picas you want by 12pt. The input menus are interactive and understand this so for instance 12pt*15 will give you a measure that is equal to 15 picas, 12pt*24 gives 24 picas etc...
  4. Why not simply make the input boxes within Affinity Publisher intelligent (like Quark XPress) so that the user can enter a number followed by "pt", "mm", "cm", "in", "ft" or "p" for pica -= that can't be too hard to implement and satisfies everybody. If nothing is added after the number then the default measurement system would be used.
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